Wednesday, May 4, 2011

baby great horned owl

I was so inspired by the photo's Susan send me, she has these cuties in her garden !!!!!
I add another pic I just took, he is in his basket in my kitchen and he looks at me all the time, I can't stop laughing at him


  1. Wouw in haar tuin! In mijn tuin "neuzen" egeltjes en meikevertjes en soms heeeeeel soms een verdwaalde bunzing rond. Prachtig! En dat kleine ding van jou is zoooooo lief! Heerlijk!
    (mag best in mijn tuin komen wonen) Groetjes Smoek

  2. I compared it with pictures of real ones. Yours is so lifelike, you captured the look perfectly!

  3. Smoek: ;-) Dank je wel !
    Elli : I think that is a big compliment coming from you !

  4. I like your owls so very much, you are a great artist!
    wonderful really wonderful!!!!
    Groetjes, cornelia