Saturday, May 12, 2012

Germany house

This was our week in Germany, we worked !!!!, had lots of sunshine !!!, saw exiting animals !!!!!!, eat outside !!!!!!!
Excuse the exclamation marks but it was so so nice :-)
I started with painting the floor in the little entrance :
 I hung up some candle-holders I bought in a second hand shop for 3 Euro
And framed my Alice cards and well, this is the perfect place, next to my own home-made clock :-)
The cards are from Wonderland Shop :

Erik and Arthur ( my son ) painted all of the window frames on the outside,

These are the front windows
And these are the bedroom windows, we put some iron fence in front to hang some flower boxes and to keep us from falling out of the window ( the windows are on the same level as the floor)

Pheeew, small break :-) the white ball is Pinky's little bum
After the break I went through my back !!! :-0
Maybe it was the beer :-(, I had just one but the bottles are muuuuch larger in Germany
I read about and bought  some Magnesium oil before we left and wonder oh wonder after rubbing it a couple of times on my back, next day it was gone.
 The weather was so delicious, we ate outside every night and this is what visited us the very first night : EMBRACE FOR IMPACT

Arthur filmed her !
I thought my heart would stop, I lived in the country-side for over ten years and just once caught a glimpse of a fox.
It was a female fox judging by her boobies and I gave her a little piece of raw leftover steak,  I threw it about a meter away from me ( if I want to throw something 3 meters to the left, it ends up a meter behind my back ) and thought she would never go up that close but yes, she took it and ran off .
This was something so magical, I could just shake my head, next morning I got up and shook my head, Erik asked what's the shaking and I could only say: fox. . . . . :-)

Next day I started with the shutters, they had to be restored and painted but it was a lot of work and I finished just one pair.
Here they are after repair. . . . ( I will take pics from the "before"next time )

And here they are ♫ Blue blue electric blue noooo they are a beautiful shade of pale blue and off white, I am sooo pleased !

Oh you can see the little pond beneath the window, watch this :
 A ZILLION  tadpoles !!!!
Pinky didn't see them I guess, she began slurping out of the pond and I never saw a Bull Terrier with eyes like dishes but that was the time ! She made strange gargle noises and shook her head and ran away! Poor tadpoles :-( there are now just a zillion minus 40.

In the meantime, while I was sawing, sanding ,sawing, sanding
Erik and Arthur and our friendly neighbour were cutting down some trees. 
They say these sandstone houses must breath and there were some trees suffocating  the house so the nasty job has to be done.
I thought there were maybe 3 trees ( they were standing so close together I had no idea ) and told Erik it would be nice if he cut the tree a meter above the ground so I could do something crafty with them.( put a gnome on it or . . .)

This is what happened :
AAAAAAH !!! Oh my I had no idea ! It looked like a battlefield !
Our neighbour thought I was really crazy he thought it was super ugly and so did I. . . 
He promised to cut them down :-)
But. . . it revealed the little attached house, the one who was suffocated and in need of lots of TLC. 
I hope Marcus isn't too sad when he sees this :-(

Quick snap of Pinky in the morning sun
 She was such a good, sweet honey. Forgot to mention, she was sitting on the terrace while the fox visited us, Erik hold her collar and except for some standing hairs on her back she didn't move a muscle :-)
 She also wasn't the least interested in this :

 Okay, don't be scared it was a Slow-worm !
It did resemble a snake and I at first thought it was a snake but Arthur knows a lot about snakes etc and he immediately recognized it.
You can't blame me if you see it's head:
( this photo is from Wikipedia, the above is made by Arthur)
A Slow-worm is a limbless reptile and a adult is about 50 centimetres long, so no worries.

So, that was about it and even tho we worked hard it didn't felt like working, it was more like giving someone you love love :-)

Helen XXX


  1. You will transform this house into something very special and beautiful.
    We have quite a lot of foxes here in Germany and they are lovely creatures. But you should be careful to not get here used to humans. It would get her into trouble. Most people fear wild animals and rabies.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Christine, thank you so much , you are absolutely right about the fox ! My son gave me a reprimand :-( I will never do it again :-)

  2. Awwww, this is what they call perfect living!!!!

  3. I had so much fun visiting your blog today, Helen! Your little home is so special and the fox and the tadpoles and even the worm were wonderful! Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Janice

    1. Janice, that makes me happy to hear Thank you

  4. Oh your house is so beautiful!! I love everything in it! How on earth did you make that clock!!!!! and I loved the video of the fox, we have lots of foxes here too but dont see them very often xxx

    1. Thank you Kim !Hahaha Kim, I love woodworking ! The clock was easy peasy !!

    2. I have a pattern, a jigsaw and a router and Voila :-)

  5. It is truly a fairytale house! I love every inch of it Helen. The cut down trees, one would be great for a platform bird feeder however I do not know if there are bears there. If so it would attract bears. I love everything you have done with your fairytale house. The fox is amazing. We have them here quite a bit, they catch cats here which is sad but when living near wild things this happens when cats are left outside, thank goodness our kitty is an inside kitty! We also have coyote, do you have them there? It is true, when living in the wild it is best to not feed anything, but I do feed my Mallard ducks a bit of cracked corn that fly in from the residential lake as you know and I really should not. If I did not they would just eat the birdseed that falls from my bird feeder, and they do. But 99% of the time they eat aquatics at the lake which is what I want them to do. I love your tadpoles, Pinky does too! Gulp! :) I have never heard of the slow-worm, it sure looks like a snake. I like snakes too, just about everything in nature. What a treat to see the photo you posted and the one Arthur took. All of your photos are so charming, like something out of another world! I love the moss on the steps of the other house that you said needs TLC. It is enchanting and a beautiful green! You are a lucky lady my friend! :)

  6. Very nice house:) ..and in a very nice way told the story:))) I enjoyed it, thanks:))

  7. I love seeing your pretty German house. You have done much. Lucky you to have such a remote place to go and relax. And the fox! Oh I would love to see one someday.

  8. Once Upon A Time there was a little cottage with crooked bricks and sweet curtained beautiful that even Mother Holle hoped to someday stand and shake her feathery pillows out these bright windows with their freshly painted shutters!
    HAHAHHAHAHA..But I must admit the cut trees remind me of Baba Yaga- they need some skulls on their tops to ward off those naughty children!!!
    I love the photo of you taking your break and anything longer than 2 inches with a head like that is a SNAKE TO ME!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! LOVE your Story and your Fairytale Cottage!!

  9. So incredibly magical! I love everything that you are doing to your wonderful house, the shutters are perfect, I love that you are seeing a different animal each time you visit and I love love love the clock that you made! You are so multi talented. :) And not only that, you are beautiful too! You really have found the perfect place for you and Pinky and your gnomes and owls! Take care my friend. Xxx

  10. Hi Helen,
    I had so much fun visiting and reading your blog today. :) Great house and great job I see.And yes, I thought this is a snake too!:)

  11. What a good and productive week! Hugs to Pinky who is so very good! Beautiful and enchanted house!