Monday, October 24, 2011

We are back !

I don't know where to begin, it's been overwhelming, exhausting and so very exciting.
We love the house, it's about 200 years old with a very peculiar lay-out ( I had to wander through the house over and over again trying to get it) , it has 3 cellars ( basements)  but they are above the ground.
Erik turned one of them into a wine-cellar but after one week it's a wine cellar without wine :-)
We managed to paint the living room walls and beside the decorating that part is finished .
We planned on taking one room at the time and next time the entrance will be painted.
Here are some photo's:
Baker sat on the dashboard of the moving-van and suddenly she started to scream ! IIIIIIIEEEEEE IIIEEEE !! BLIP BLIP IEEEEEE !!! 
After a few seconds I understood ! There was this road sign saying: Luxembourg ! She knew Blip lived there ! Gosh are they smart or not !

Our first home made Spaghetti Puttanesca, !There is nothing as good as a pasta when you're tired and hungry ! ( Baker is sitting on the windowsill )
  When I was in the kitchen, suddenly a Pine marten showed up in the kitchen window, looking at me with a very curious face as if he/she wanted to say: who are you ? It was the cutest thing and I couldn't stop laughing.

 The next day we unpacked the stuff and Pinky is urging us to put the couch together.
 The poor thing was a bit upset, the couch wasn't assembled yet and she hates sleeping on the floor tho we brought 2 warm woollen rugs for her.
 Well Pinky has a big brother Arthur and he takes care of Pinky needs!

The following day we let Pinky discover the garden and as you can see she has found her favourite spot on the terrace on the side of the house. From here she has a perfect view on her land :-)
We did take time to walk around and showed Pinky the surroundings.
We all felt so happy !! 
We were invited by our neighbours ( Anja and Ronny) who made us feel very welcome ! They own this fantastic authentic  house behind us.
They don't live there permanently  and you can rent the house as a holiday-home ! This is the link to the house : , and another :
We also met our neighbour who lives next to us : Helmut, a incredible nice man who's face inspired me for a gnome ( I hope no one  will tell him this ever! )

Well, I'm still so full of impressions and I hope I gave a bit of an idea how our week went, if not please ask !
This is how we left our living room, waiting for us to come back in 2 weeks for the decorating part.

 I hope I can go back creating tomorrow I'm severely distracted at the moment !
Helen x


  1. Helen, your new home is beautiful and the surroundings, stunning, but I have to give my prize to Pinky, who looks completely serene and happy in her surroundings. I envy you.

    Gail x

  2. Gail: Pinky was really happy, it has been a long time ago since she did the Bullie Hucklebutt but here she did

  3. sounds great and looks great! Hope the next time you'll blog you can tell about this special family with 4 cats who live in Eppstein, only a few minutes away. With this very nice son and the dutch artist with his german wife :-p

  4. So beautiful Helen, the house is absolutely gorgeous and looks so peaceful! Pinky is so sweet and looks very happy there too. :) It really does look like a home that many gnomes will be "born" in, and think of all the wonderful animals that will be inspired there too! I love pine martens, they like jam sandwiches by the way. ;)

  5. Sharon: I will remember that, the jam sandwiches!

  6. Hyko: ?? woont er een kunstenaar met 4 katten, een nederlandse vrouw en een aardige zoon in Eppstein? Hahahahaha ik bedoel , dat klinkt grappig !

  7. Lol about Pinky and the couch. She sounds so much like Bullet. She looks right at home in your new house. That's great she did her hucklebutt thing. Your new home looks so wonderful!

  8. Helen, your new house is amazing - I love it!
    Ina :)

  9. This is so beautiful it stings my heart!!!Look at the wonderful light fixtures and the cozy dinner! Look at the deep set windows and the beams on the ceiling! Look at the beauty around you! As they say, "The stuff dreams are made of"!!! This is so exciting to be able to share the photos as your cottage takes shape! So happy you are back... all the Bedbugs missed you!

  10. April, thank you so much and I missed you all ! Especially you !

  11. Helen, how wonderful for you! It looks to me like you stepped right into Tolkein's Middle Earth :-) It will be a joy to read your posts as you get to know your new home.


  12. Oh Beth, it will be a joy to write about it !

  13. Ahhh more photos for me to see! I was felting all day and just stopped by. I love looking at your enchanting cottage with family inside. Next time have Erik or Arthur take a photo of YOU inside it too! Pinky will love love love living in her new cottage. I wonder if you can truly wait to move there for a couple years? :) It may be calling you sooner! The photos make me feel like I am in another world, peaceful, serene and so so lovely. I can't wait to see your neighbor Gnome! I would think he would be honored to be a Gnome, I know I would be. Being a Gnome would be Heaven on earth! A nice chubby Barby Gnome, yes that's it! Ha! Well you keep dreaming of your cottage and you will be there before you know it!

    Cheers my friend!

  14. Barby,I want to go the sooner the better but I have to wait until Arthur is on his own feet and even then I have to be sure he is settled and doing well :-0 ( I know he is 19 years old but you me)
    Hahaha a Barby gnome that will be awesome !!!

  15. I know Helen, I know Arthur needs to feel good on his own before you go and you being the BEST mom on earth will be sure he is on his feet. You can always visit the house often! :)

    Ha! A Barby Gnome would be one chubby Gnome!! But then again the female Gnomes ARE chubby so maybe I was a Gnome in another life, ha ha ha ha!

  16. Your home! and your dog is happy ! I LOVE YOUR DOG :-} they are a super strong breed aren't they. Your land looks amazing. Hard to put a price on land isn't it, and that neighbor’s house looks so cute. I bet that bird was fed by the previous owners. I feed birds and they come and look at me allot, they are begging for food! HUGS Lorraine