Sunday, November 13, 2011

We are back part 2 :-)

First ; I apologize for being away so long !

I had so much on my mind since we were in Germany, my brain wouldn't stop thinking of the possibilities with the house and I had a lot of things to organize. In between I made some owls, list them on Etsy  and off we went again to Germany.
Our car was so full of stuff , Pinky had to sit at my feet and tho she made herself nice and comfortable I sat for 4 1/2 hours with my feet at the same uncomfortable position :-) but once we were there it was all good and well.
We started working the next morning, some window sills had to be painted and there was this wardrobe from Erik I really want to turn into a TV cabinet.
I don't like looking at a TV or CD players and thought it would all fit in this cupboard.
There was a sort of niche in the wall that could be used for the TV but every time I saw the niche it looked to me as a window that couldn't be opened.
The niche is in the middle of the wall . . . . .
So, there was the Ikea wardrobe, some paint, new hinges et Voila ! I added some Ivy leaves in relief  to give it a bit of Schwung ( flair)
The relief is very easy to make: I made a template of Vinyl flooring that's about 1/16 inch. and use a water base paste wood filler.
You put the template on the wood ( there must be a coat of primer or paint on the wood) and then you spread the filler on ( the same way you fill holes with putty). Take away the template and let it dry, after 15 minutes when the filler is dry you sand it a bit and you can paint it in the final colour. 

I hope I explained it simple, if not I could make photo's of the process if anyone is interested.
I was very pleased with the result !
Erik painted the windowsills and that was all for the day !

I told you in my last post about the Marten. . . . It's the cutest animal !

Well, we think there is one living in the attic, it keeps away rats and mice but it sometimes forget to eat the prey and it will rot and I think that's why there was a strange smell in the upstairs bedroom :-( . There are devices that makes high sounds to scare off the Marten but after some investigation I found it will work for a while but eventually they will come back.
We let him be for now. . . . 

The following day it was chilly and misty and everything looked so beautiful we went for a walk with Pinky.
This wooded area is huge and it's a fact one could walk all the way to France through this forest. The autumn colours were so gorgeous and some flowers were still blooming...

That night we heard a strange eerie sound and when we saw our neighbour Helmut the next morning we asked him what it could be. Probably a fox he said ( he knows all about wildlife ) and when we were home again we searched the internet and YES ! this was the sound :
If you listen to the sound at 1.39 min. you can imagine the chills that ran over our spines :-)not from fear but if you've never heard that sound before it's very impressive !

Back to work !
We bought some beautiful black and white marble tiles in the Netherlands and we wanted them in the living room where there once was a chimney . We really love to have a wood burning stove but the chimney has to be modified and that costs a lot of money so we decided to go for a fake fire and mantle and after tiling the floor ( we never did that before ) we installed the fake and well, the effect was surprisingly good !
I could see stockings and green decorations hanging on the mantle piece ! 
Okay, that's it for now !
Follow up tomorrow !!


  1. Helen, what a treat for the eyes! I love everything you and Erik have done with your lovely home. So soothing and wonderful to live there! Very impressive ivy leaf work on the cabinet too. It all looks so homey and wonderful!

    The Marten, I have never seen one, how adorable. And the fox....we have fox here too but I have never heard one. The sweet flowers.....Pinky resting on the couch. It is all like a dream. I am so happy for you and Erik! Happy home making!


  2. Helen, your house is lovely - you guys did a great job.
    Thank you for sharing the link for fox - I've never hear before.
    Ina :)

  3. Oh my..yes, the fox sound was a bit eerie..but knowing what it is makes a difference.HMMMMM... how long, I wonder, before you make a Marten???? I love the very cozy, beautiful room!!! The fireplace is wonderful and that kind is very popular in the US! What are you going to do with your window that cannot be opened? A felted scene?? Gnome home? Fox Den?? A Theater??? I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE!!!

  4. What a beautiful room! I love the colours and you've done a great job with the wardrobe, it looks really good. :) Your Pine Marten is adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  5. the wardrobe became 10 times nicer!
    Greetings from Russia!

  6. New Follower! And, my gosh, your dolls have such lovely faces. And the owls! They look alives and so soft!

  7. Helen, your German cottage is a delight :-) And such a great and clever way to create a relief motif.

    Thanks for taking us along with you.