Friday, November 18, 2011

Someone's lurking . . . . .

Pheeew, I promised further pics and so on about the house but I needed to make things. . . 
I had a X- mas present to finish and I can't show you :-( , my dear friend Barby who is the one receiving it is also reading this blog and it's a surprise ( she knows about the present but she don't know what it is )

Well, when I'm busy creating, all kind of animals cross my mind and as soon as I finished Barby's F. . oops, I started a new birdie, Helen H posted  a beautiful photo of a snowy owl a while ago and it wouldn't go out of my head. 
So here he is, not finished yet :
 Haaa, it feels so good creating again !
I'm especially looking forward to making his big feet :-)

I commented on your lovely comments  on my previous post but it's gone ! I don't know what happened !!!!!


  1. OH LUCKY LUCKY Barby!! The *** is Magnificent!!! If Barby lived closer, I would say, "LOOK BARBY, Is that CROW talking to you?!" And I would STEAL her new present and run away as Fast as my short little legs would carry me!!! Unfortunatly we are NOT close in location so she will get to keep her new *** and I must admit She Deserves HIM!!! And Look at this NEW OWL!Peeking out so curious, feeling a bit strange because he feels a tickle where his new feet will be!FABULOUS CREATIONS, HELEN!!!!

  2. Hahahahaha April you are mean !!!! And a BIG Sweetheart !!!

  3. OK you guys, you ARE mean! I want to see it!!! No, really Helen you are so kind, I will be patient BUT IT IS KILLING ME!!!!!!! And April I am wise to you and know JUST how you work, I would be watching you like a hawk if you came near my Helen creation! I can't get the vision of your short little legs running off with my Helen creation as I gaze at my crow! You know April, my chubby little tree trunk legs would be in fast pursuit! :)

    Helen your Owl is FABULOUS!!!!!! But then again is there anything that you make that is not fabulous???????? Oh my, what a sweet owl. I will be watching for the legs to appear. :) Such talent my dear.......

  4. Helen your owl is wonderful, I love owls and the snowy is one of my favourites along with the barn owl which haunts our fields and moors.
    blogger will only let me post as anonymous due to a glitch.

  5. Jackie, thank you ! ( I know about the glitch GRRRRR )
    Helen x

  6. Helen, it is lovely to see you creating again; and such a wonderful Snowy Owl :-)