Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Twins . . . . . .

I wanted to make more Sloths, twins !
And a bit smaller then the other two, the other two are life size 4 Months old and these  about 1,5- 2 Months.
I found the noses where good ( especially the first sloth baby) but it took forever to paint, paint again, paint again and varnish.
So I decided to experiment with rubber/latex ?!!
I made a  nose with a bit of mouth out of clay, then a plaster mold of the clay nose/mouth.
The liquid  latex must be applied with a brush in a thin layer on the inside of the plaster mold. 
You have to let it dry and apply another layer, eventually you have to build up eight layers of latex.
I did two layers :-) , quick dried it with the blow dryer and then poured the latex in the mold and poured it out again. Again the blow-dryer on the hottest temperature and VOILA ! 
The rubber nose has a softer feel but I didn't figure out yet how to paint it. I used a skin-coloured latex and painted it with acrylic paint , it holds but I don't think you can get an even layer.
You can not use oil-based paint on rubber ( oil is a NO NO on rubber) so that is something I have to figure out.
Here is a close-up :

 You can glue it with the liquid latex on the wool ( very firm) and and . . . . with the reverse felting needle you can pull out wool through the rubber and make it a bit hairy :-)
So, if anyone is interested I can make a photo-shoot from the entire process ! ( I don't think I described it very clear)
Well, here are the twins, not ready yet but cute so far

Helen xxx


  1. О, какие милые и такие, кажется, беспомощные!

    Go here, Helen for latex paints!!! This place is terrific for hard to find supplies. Our son made masks when he worked on Haunted Houses in Texas and has used Monstermakers a lot!!!!
    And I LOVE these babies!!! I think you described the process perfectly but a photo shoot would be Wonderful!!!

    1. You are very welcome!!! If you ever need any help, from my end, ordering something- let me know!

  3. The babies are beautiful! I think you have described wonderfully, but people love a photoshoot anyway. :) I love them! Xxx

  4. Great idea and great result!They are so sweet!!

  5. Helen they are adorable and I know you helped many by showing the process! What cute babies!!!

  6. Oh no not more baby sloths !!
    They are far too cute - I have watched the babies getting their baths over and over - sooo sweet ^_^
    And yours look just like the real thing, beautiful.