Friday, March 30, 2012


This morning I sat as usual with a cup of coffee in front of my laptop, checking this and that and also as usual checking what's new in Blog-land.
Haaa! My eye catches the little thumbnail from Mobifilz ( ) on my blog ,what's that ??
Well, I'm still jumping up and down about this, this great lady who makes great needle felted objects has invented YES INVENTED !!!! a needle felting device !
She worked on this for 3 years ! And now she presents her addiQuick Turbofilzmaschine !!!
No more painstakingly stabbing ! This machine works with 2500 jabs per minute.
 She demonstrated it on the Craft Trade Fair in Cologne and you can watch this video : I have to tell first, it looks like she is poking the wool but that is only in the beginning, to fixate the coarse wool a bit.
When that's done you slide over the wool like using a pencil or brush.

Well, I hope you are getting as excited as I am !
It's in store coming September !

Jessi, you are brilliant !

Helen XXX


  1. OOOOO)))mein God, now wir have nothing to do,all dose perfekt mashine!!!!! THANKS A LOT!!!!

  2. Not sure I like this....
    The point of needle felting, for me, is that I jab the wool a zillion time to create my work... I need to think about this one!
    It's a great thing for this lady to have her idea and work come to light!

  3. Andrea, my elbow is killing me sometimes and I would still feel like I'm creating if I would use this. For me it's the same as my sewing machine, it stitches for me but I'm the one who creates.

  4. Looks like a great help! You have to give it a try Helen! :)

  5. You will have to let us know how it works. I am an OLD FUDDY DUDDY when it comes to anything new and different. I feel like Andrea..I am used to jabbing with my needles, and I enjoy the old fashioned method. I was like this when my husband suggested we buy a Microwave. "WHAT? But I Like to cook!! HUMPH, what would I use a Microwave for???? That's just for people who can't cook!" Well, guess who could NOT Exist without her Microwave!! So, Helen you will have to try this felter and let us all know what YOU think!! I also want to hear from your elbow...will she notice the difference? Will it make her life easier???

    1. Hahaha April, I'm still scared of my cell phone, only use the Microwave to defrost bread, love making coffee by hand, don't know the difference between a Ipod or Ipad ( I even don't know if that's the correct spelling) but I love electrical appliances like my Jigsaw or Router.
      I cannot wait to try this felting machine, my elbow agrees !