Friday, September 14, 2012

Trying to make lemonade

Hello to you sweet readers :-)
Haven't been here for a long time and I apologize.
Life has given me quite a few lemons lately and I'm trying hard to make lemonade of it but I didn't find the right recipe yet.
I've had crates of lemons in the past and I've  managed to make lemonade out of them but there comes a time that you are sick and tired of them and must find a new way to make it digestible this time.
I know we all go through some hard times at one time or another and I will be fine but for now I don't feel fine.
So please have a little patience, I'm trying hard to overcome myself :-)

Helen XXX


  1. So sorry to see this post Helen, I hope all will be well soon. I will be thinking about you.

  2. Sweet Helen, you will make your own kind of lemonade soon! xxxx

  3. Do not rush or pressure yourself into anything. People who are interested in you as a person won't mind waiting for month for a new post (well, at least I won't!). Things are not alway's easy and sometimes one needs time.
    Take a rest and come back whenever you are ready.

  4. Thank you so much Joanne, Helen and Christine, this really moves me.

  5. Oh, Helen, i'm so sorry to hear that things have gone sour :(
    Take time for yourself to heal, We all love your stories and creations, but you don't owe anybody anything, so don't feel guilty!

    I took time off from blogging because of lemons in my life and almost didn't come back because it had been so long.
    But I'm glad now that I did. I write when I feel strong enough and when I don't, i don't and that's o.k.

    We're wishing you the best,
    P.S. we'll do a special gnome dance for you :)

  6. Dear Helen, don't worry, I can wait a log time for your post!! I wish you all the best!!!

  7. Dear Helen, i wanted to say all of the above and a little more as i have not updated mine since goodness knows when. I too have been sucking big lemons with no hint of sugar either, so jsut wanted to leand support in what ever small way I could! All the best. This weekend is the first time i have wanted to make anything since March. Hang in there kid, I hope it happens for you too soon! xx

  8. Marita, Anita and Emma, thank you so much for your understanding.
    Big hugs for you all XXX

  9. Don't worry about overcoming patient with yourself. Give yourself the time you need. No need to explain...we love you!

  10. Helen, I am so glad you posted here. Friends can help you make lemonade out of your lemons by just listening. Sometimes all we need is to know that people care and are wishing you well. But it can take time, and there is no hurry. All you need to know is this..... you are loved by many.



  11. Liebe Helen,ich wünsche Dir viel Zeit und Ruhe, besinnliche, fröhliche und zuversichtliche Momente. Deine Fans denken an Dich!
    Alles, alles Liebe

  12. Thinking of you all the time and hoping the sour lemons will be gobbled up by a nasty Troll. He will go back to Troll land and you will never see him or your worries again. Or maybe your Fairy Godmother will be able to, at least, make the lemons pea size. Love you dear Helen- always.

  13. Oh... I was wondering... I hope you will be fine soon Helen ❤

  14. Liebe Helen,

    ich hoffe, es geht dir wieder besser und du hast ein Rezept gefunden.
    Alles Liebe

  15. Hugs Helen!
    I was so wrapped up in my own stuff that I just now got around to reading my favorite blogs. Maybe it's time for some lemon meringue pie and lemon cookies. I have some good recipes. I hope things work out for you and please know, dear friend, that I am here for you.

  16. Thank you all for your sweet comments :-)
    I'm not quite there yet but I hope will be soon :-)

    Helen XXXXX

  17. Hi Helen,
    I hope everything is ok with you, take your time. Hope you will be fine soon :))

  18. Just some warm greetings from Paris…

  19. Sending you sunshine to make your lemons sweeter from Southern California. My daughter asked how you were today! She is cosmic :-). Love to you and patience to help you heal.