Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I love Gnomes, when I was about 16 years old I dicovered the book : Gnomes. It was illustrated by Rien Poortvliet.
He is worldwide known for this book but there are not many people who know that he actually was one of the worlds best Wild life painters.
Because of his realistic style of painting in combination with the fantastic story of the Gnome book, I was convinced he really experienced this close encounter with the Gnomes.
I still am .......

There is another artist I admire a lot.
He is French and his name is Jean Baptiste Monge.
He is one of today's best Fantasy Artists I've seen.
I'm very inspired by his Gnomes.
This is his Blog : http://www.jbmonge.com/

Okay, so once in a while I have to make a Gnome and these two Artists are my inspiration. 
He is hiding behind the little Owl because he is naked, but I'm working on his clothes.


  1. Have you seen Rien Poortvliet's book on dogs? It's a masterpiece. Thanks for sharing his wildlife work. It's amazing. I think he's one of my favorite illustrators.
    I'll have to check out Jean Baptiste Monge's work. Thank you for introducing it to me.
    I can see both of these great artists in your work. But you've made creations absolutely your own. You are truly very talented!

  2. просто реальный гном!!!

  3. Thank you Robin! I have his book on dogs!
    I have all of his books! They are all masterpieces!

  4. Большое спасибо Belka !

  5. Hi Helen, the gnome is looking great, I cant wait till he's done.

  6. Hoi Helen! Ik vind je creaties ontzettend leuk en bovenal erg mooi!
    groetjes Donna

  7. Dank je wel Donna! Jij maakt ook bijzondere poppen!

  8. Oh he is precious. Love him Helen! =)

  9. Ohh I also loved Monge's blog too! It is wonderful. I have a glorious book of imagination like this called The Art of James Christensen"A Journey of the Imagination" There are gnome like people in it and it is amazing! Mine was printed in 1994. Helen you would LOVE it!!

  10. Barby,I've just googled this book,Im going to ask this book for my birthday!