Saturday, February 26, 2011

I put a spell on you..........

Where to begin. . . . . 
Only a 3 hour drive from my home, and yet so remote.
We had to drive to the top of the mountain ( if you can call it a mountain, it was about 500 meters ) from there we had to step into the 4 wheel drive car of the real estate agent.
For a reason. . . .
We drove down through the densely wooded very steep mountain and  about 15 minutes later, the real estate agent parked the car and told us e had to walk the last 400 meters.
Then we saw this:
It took our breath away of course.
You had to cross a little bridge to access the property.
And then you saw this:
Well, surrounded by trees, a little river, waterfalls (!) we were immediately under a spell.
The inside was weird, the livingroom was on the third floor( the white upper part of the house) from there you had to climb a ladder to go downstairs ( hahahaa) and there was a tiny kitchen, a bedroom and another ladder to the ground floor.The downstairs rooms were build around a hole ( ???) , beneath this hole there used to be the mill's wheel.
But, we were under a spell so we didn't thought of it as not practical.
The real estate man told us there was a Internet connection, it worked through the Telephone-line but no Mobile Phone connection.( I hope I explain this well, technical stuff in English is not my virtue)
We nodded our heads, smiling at the man, and he took us outside to show the waterfall, the electricity-wire that hung in the trees, and told us by the way, there is no sewer, all the nasty toilet things go straight into this beautiful little river.
Aaaaaaw we said , how romantic ( mind you we were still under the Spell)
After the tour we climbed back in his 4 wheel drive and drove to the top of the mountain.
We call you !!! we said to the man with still smiling faces.
And we drove home.
We told each other we would be crazy if we didn't buy it, it was all we dreamed about and could there be a better place to create owls, gnomes and  all things beautiful?
Until this morning,
I woke up with an image of friends and family on top of that mountain waiting for us to come and get them down
to our house.
I had to go to the nearest village once a week to check the Internet, and blog and send dolls of to their new homes.
Erik ( my hubby) woke up and saw himself looking for the electricity wire, it was broken but the wire was 1000 meters long and he had to search the woods looking for the part that was broken.
So we took a deep sigh and told each other: No, this is not It!


  1. Helen, I think I feel your pain. This house, and this setting, is so enchanting, it feels like living in a fairytale. But we don't, really. We don't want to defile a beautiful stream, or give up the connections that the internet provides, to friends we would never have known without it. If only we could live the dream AND the reality at the same time!

    This is such a loving and thoughtful post. I wish you all the best in finding It!


  2. Beth, you are so right, I couldn't give up the friends I've made on the internet!
    I enjoy the thought of knowing people all around this border-less internet world I really do!
    I've come to know people in a variety of countries and you learn so many things also overcome certain prejudice,and certainly appreciation about other cultures.

    I'm glad I know you :-)

  3. Ohhhh Helen, I am so sorry it was not meant to be. =( I think you did the right thing tho. It was beautiful, a fantasy, but so remote and as you grow older it would be difficult. I am sure your dream home will happen, when it is meant to be.



  4. Oh what a beautiful little place. But you are right to be practical. How would you manage everything when you are 80?

  5. And I was also thinking, in rainy season the water could come out of the river bank and flood the home. Being down low is not good, better to be up high in case of flooding. But my heart is so sorry for you and Erik. I know it was a dream, a fantasy being in the wooded area but I am sure there is a charming woodsy home that is practical for when you are 80. You deserve to be in a beautiful woodsy area creating your magical dolls and woodland creatures Helen. I will hope it happens soon for you and Erik....

  6. Awww...jammer jammer.....maar wel weer een ontzettend mooie ervaring rijker...(en een illusie armer..)Ook wij hebben ooit op een dijk gestaan in the middle of nowhere..schaapjes...onmogelijk huis met rare indeling...vuurtoren naast het stond een bankje voor twee personen met uizicht op het water....ik zag ons al bejaard zitten hand in hand....toen keek ik Pim aan die naast me naar hetzelfde bankje stond te kijken..."hoe moet ik hier sleutelen en mijn onderdelen halen?"
    Ik heb een week gejankt en vervolgens het hele idee overboord gezet:)Pim kan toch écht niet de hele dag op het bankje mijn hand zitten vasthouden als fanatieke energieke man met twee rechter handen!LOL!

  7. Dees, het was wel de ervaring waard, ik kan nu het idee van een huisje afgezonderd in het bos van me afzetten.
    Ik kan echt niet zonder internet! En er moet ook wel zon kunnen schijnen ( achteraf gezien ontdekten we dat de zon amper tussen die bergen het huis kon bereiken)
    En ! Heeeeel belangrijk: een lichte ruimte als atelier! Dat kon daar dus ook niet.
    Zo dan! Heel wat geleerd en een leuk avontuur.
    Op naar het volgende....

  8. qué maravilla de casa!!sin duda un lugar mágico para unas creaciones más mágicas aún!! felicidades! me encanta tu trabajo!!
    un besito desde Asturias (spain)

  9. Thank you Susy! Kisses from Holland

  10. Oh Helen,ik had dit antwoord nog niet gelezen,ik hoop dat je gauw je droomplek zal vinden.Maar ik moet zeggen dat ik jouw huisje ook een plaatje vind zoals ik het op de foto's op flickr zie:)