Thursday, March 3, 2011

How it all began ( PezziUnici ! )

I've made things my entire life, everything I saw I wanted to make myself.
From shoes to furniture, from clothes to jewellery but there was always a  recurrent theme ; dolls.
In nursery school, primary school, I always was busy making little dolls.
I made dolls for practically every member of my family, mostly funny portrait dolls.
When I finished school and start working full time the doll making was over, except when I didn't feel comfortable with myself, then I returned to my old love for dolls.
In 2009, I  moved from the country side to a little city and I didn't know what to do with myself ( there was no place for woodworking or taking long walks with my dog) I surfed the internet and came across this website.
My love of dolls ( especially felt dolls) was immediately fired up!
From that day on I worked in my tiny kitchen, designing patterns, trying out hundreds of different shapes until I was pleased with the result.
In the meanwhile I constantly checked their website and spend many hours in awe because of their never-seen-before artistically work. 

Well here they are : Simona and Elena from PezziUnici, Florence Italy

This post is a bit long but I want to express my gratitude to these two ladies for finding my ultimate pleasure in making my dolls.
Simona and Elena : Thank you !

p.s. what these girls can do with fabric and sculpting  clay is amazing


  1. Helen, I think you have found yourself in the beautiful felt dolls you make. Your love of what you create is so visible in every doll, owl, and creature from your talented hands.


  2. Beth, thank you very much, you are the sweetest!

  3. Hoi Helen! Zeker AAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Supermooie creaties! Maar jij kan er ook wat van zeg! Prachtig hoor wat je allemaal creert!

  4. Donna, Jij kan er ook wat van WOW !

  5. oh Helen,dank dat je dit moois hebt laten zien....ongelooflijk mooi allemaal.Maar jouw weet het he:)ik vind je geweldig:)))xoxo