Friday, January 6, 2012

Hatchoo. . . . . .hatchoo

It's that time of year again. . . . sneezing, coughing, running nose. 
You wouldn't say it if you look outside , it feels like early spring. I even heard the birds sing like springtime!
Although we've had 2 stormy days with "dijk-alert" the temperature is ridiculous. 
Well, my body must have thought we are in the heart of Winter so I have to catch a cold :-(
Can't work unless I tie a hanky under my nose but then I won't be able to breath at all so better to sit up and write a bit.

Mr. Sandman and Suzanne had a very good New-Years night. Suzanne did her job as if there were no fireworks at all and Uncle Ukki is very pleased with his training. 
He is considering training the poor geese who are flying around in panic on this night but it will takes time to organize such a big enterprise. He is hoping to get a hold of Nils Holgersson.

The Sandman is staying with Uncle Ukki for a while, he is in between the sprinkling of magical sand and working on a special mission.
As we know, when it snows, they say: Mother Holle is making her bed.
Well there is no snow and if there is, it's in unusual places and  Mother Holle is missing so the Sandman is spending his free time to look for her and for as long that takes he stays with Uncle Ukki. Mainly because Uncle Ukki has connections in several worlds and is using all of his powers to get information.
Mmmmm this could be a major adventure. . . . . 
For now :
The Sandman and Suzanne are saying goodbye and stay tuned !


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your cold. :( I wish you a speedy recovery! And oh my gosh, your donkey is adorable!! And there is so much wisdom in the gnomes eyes. If I had the money I would pay you anything to make a Sharon gnome! How cute would that be? Have you ever thought of making yourself into a gnome? :D It'd make an amazing profile picture for... Well, everything! Xxx

  2. Hahaa Sharon thank you ! I used to portray my family members as gnomes!

  3. What a wonderful talent to have, I bet they loved it! :)

  4. Another thing in common, Helen. I've got a cold, too. The weather here has been much too warm for winter, also. Your Sandman and Suzanne are lovely. Let's hope they can find our Winter. I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Thank you Robin, I hope you feel better soon too :-)

  6. Aww Helen and Robin I am so sorry you are ill. I hope you both feel better soon. I have not had a cold in 15 plus years due to taking zicam mouth spray. I get the cold, start spraying and the zinc in the zicam kills it within 24 hours. I used to get horrible colds, but no more! I wish you had that there where you live Helen. Robin I know you can find it here but you have to take it the minute you feel ill or it does not work. I take it the minute my nose starts running or when I have a sore throat and do it every 3-4 hours (except bedtime) for 3 days to be sure it is gone. It works for my husband too. There was controversy on the Zicam nasal gel and they took that one off the market because a couple people lost their sense of taste. BUt it never happened to me and now I use the one they oked, the mouth spray. Boy it kills a cold in a snap!

    Helen you KNOW how much I love your adorable Sandman and sweet Suzanne! They are so charming and magical! :)

  7. Helen, your German home is enchanted like your Suzanne and Sandman. Adorable!!

    I was in the Dolomites (our mountains) until today and Frau Holle did her bed many times :o) Get well soon!

  8. HMMMMM...Mother Holle is not here either because our weather has been very warm. I had never heard of her and loved reading her story! I think there might be some sort of imp or mischievous troll who has locked Mother Holle in their cave...or put her under a spell. Now that imp is making her bed in a crazy way and all the feathers are flying where they should Not!!!! But that's just a guess...I will put my trust into Uncle Ukki..and the Sandaman and his sweet Suzanne!Oh this is Exciting!!!

  9. I had not heard of that story of Mother Holle either. Good story and I wonder what will happen in YOUR story Helen? I will be waiting to hear the story to come! :) But first rest and take care, get better and later you can carry on with your wonderful story.....

  10. I hope you feel better soon! :)