Friday, January 13, 2012

Uncle Ukki tells the story of Mother Holle

Uncle Ukki moved with the children to his winter-home and one day much to their surprise, a Raven delivered two little mousies onto their doorstep : Baby Sugar and her sister Lola.
Sugar could only sleep if Lola played a little song on her music box.

Of course they were received with open arms and they felt immediately at home.
One night the little ones were nicely tucked in, ready for their bedtime story.
 Uncle Ukki, we are a bit confused ! Ginny said
We don't really understand what the Sandman and Mother Holle got to do with each other.Can you please explain?
Oh my goodness little ones, didn't I tell you about them ? 
Well, it's a long story and a bit complicated but I try to tell it so you'll understand.

Mother Holle is very very old, maybe as old as the world.
She is the patroness of gnomes, spinners and weavers and she used to hang out with Wodan, the ancient German god.
Nowadays she lives in a European forest and she protects the castle of the Sandman. 
She can make snow by shaking her pillow and making her bed
If someone comes looking for the Sandman ( mainly manufacturers of sleeping pills ) she makes so much snow that these people get lost and  give up looking for him.
In ancient times, between Christmas until the first days of January,
she went on a Wild Hunt with Wodan.
They had an army of dead people, animals and fairies and went in  pursuit for the Wolf Fenrir who has eaten the Sun.
They always succeeded, that is why the Sun comes back in January.
During the Hunt Mother Holle also checks if the spinners and weavers had finished their yearly work and haven't been lazy.

Well, she is of course very old and she enjoys her peaceful life in the mountains now.
Her disappearing is very strange, so I hope the Sandman finds her soon. 

Hahahaa, you all fall asleep little ones !
Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite :-)


  1. Very cute, Helen!!!
    I know the story of Mother Holle, but not the part about Wodan. Now I will look for it in the net.I love every Anton Pieck's works, but I had never seen this one. Magical!!! Thank you

  2. Another wonderful installment to the story. I love to read these and see your photos. :) I love your imagination! Xxx

  3. Ahhhh such a wonderful story! I can't wait to hear more! I love all the little beds lined cute!

    1. Barby, she is almost here :-), thank you for your patience :-)

  4. Helen, you are a true story teller x

  5. Hmmmmmm..this makes me think of another old and settled personage.....a comfortable Hobbit by the name of Mr. Bilbo Baggins, who was whisked away by the
    Magician, Gandalf. Mr. Baggins did not want to leave the comfort of his Hobbit hole but did have many unforgettable adventures! I wonder if the same sort of thing has happened to Mother Holle???? Oh where is she?????!!!!!

    1. April, you put a lot of extra stories in my head !!!!

  6. Love your stories and pictures, Helen!:)

    1. Helen, I have been a great admirer of your work for some time and am so delighted to have found my way to your blog. Your creations are what dreams and happily-ever-after stories are made of! I shall be back often to, Rose

    2. Rose, thank you so much! I'm happy to discovered your blog as well ! Your dolls are magical,beautiful and full of love !

  7. Oh! I love Baby Sugar!!!! warm greetings from Paris!

    1. Thank you and I adoooore your blog and creations !
      Greetings from Holland :-)