Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The Sandman and Suzanne had been staying for almost a month with Uncle Ukki and now it was time to go home.
During the night he sprinkled his magic sand and during the day they were still looking for Mother Holle.
Well, the Sandman decided to go to his own house and keep on searching from there.
They passed Mother Holle's house on their way home and the Sandman thought he might as well check her house.
FRICKETY FRACKETY FRACK ! ( he picked those words up from a lady in  Sycamore USA ) 
WHOOOOHOOOO ! Hallo Mr. Sandman !
The Sandman fell backwards in the snow and Suzanne's eyes almost popped out of her gorgeous little head.
My goodness Mother Holle ! You are home !
Yes yes, come on in ! I'll tell you about my little adventure over a nice cup a tea.
 Well, Mr. Sandman, I promised you to keep an eye on Petronius. . .oh look at this photo I have of the three of you  . . . . . .

I'm so glad he is such a help for you.
Where was I . . . . .. .
Oh yes, keep an eye on him . . . . . .
One morning I went to your castle to find his bed empty ! That was extremely odd, Petronius would never go out of his bed before noon.
So you understand I had to go look for him and it took me 4 weeks to find him !
He was in hiding you see, because he had fallen in love with this beautiful little owl by the name of Harebell and well you know, she laid eggs and he couldn't leave her of course.
When I found him he was a father of three beautiful owl babies !
Oooooh I wish I took a photo of them ! But the good news: in a few days he will be home again together with his babies !
The Sandman couldn't believe it, Petronius had children. . .. and a wife . .. . . 
He was very very excited and Suzanne laughed so hard he and Mother Holle had to cover their ears !
Mother Holle I'm so glad you are all right and Petronius too, you must have had quite an adventure looking for him. I'll bet want to tell us all about it but for now, we go home and have ourself a nice sleep. 


  1. Voll Geil, richtig Klasse. Toll Helen :-)

    Liebste Grüße Jessi

  2. Ohhh Helen! How magical! I am so glad Mother Holle found Petronius and what a wonderful surprise, an owl family! :) Mother Holle is a wonderful friend to all! And her face is so endearing and sweet. I just love them all!

  3. I'm so glad they found her, and she found Petronius and oh... Babies! How exciting. :) I agree with Barby, such a magical story and with wonderful characters! Mother Holle is another beauty, such a lovely face.

    1. Thank you Sharon! I can't wait to see the babies myself ;-)

  4. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA....Frickety Frackety Frack!!!! Mother Holle was safe and sound right under the Sandman's nose!! I Love her cozy home. While he and Suzanne were having an adventure searching for Her, Mother Holle was having her own adventure searching!! How lovely for Petronius to have three babies..and a Lovely Wife!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHA and Suzanne has a Loud, Lusty laugh!!! What a fabulous story...I'm ready for MORE!!!

  5. I love your tale telling Helen, magical x

  6. Good! Finally they have found her!!! Helen, you can illustrate a fairytale book with your set and creatures!!!!!

  7. Amazing, Helen! Like the Mother Holle glasses!:)

  8. Thank thank thank you ladies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!