Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Blues. . .

The children stared and stared and in their thoughts they called ; " KING OLLAMH " 

All of a sudden !!! The painting became blurry and look !

There he was ! Out of the blue ! He stepped right out of the painting and made a deep bow for Uncle Ukki and the children.

"Good afternoon King Ollamh, welcome in my house on behalf of the children and me." said Uncle Ukki in a very solemn voice.

"It is my pleasure Ukki, I heard the children have a lot of questions and I am here to answer them. " said the King with a smile.

"Come sit with me, can you take my cloak and wand Ukki? "
He sat down and the children gather round him.

"I will tell you who I am and what I do :
I am from a dynasty of blue-blooded gnomes and my task is to take away the blues from the people.
Little Barby, you want to know why the sky is blue ? 
Well, this is what happens. . . . 
Whenever someone is feeling blue I got a message from certain animals, mostly birds, and I will come in the night and take away those blues.
The blues goes into my bag and I will call a bird which has blue in it's feathers. It has to have some blue in it's feathers for camouflage, otherwise people would notice a bird flying around with a blue bag.

So, when ( for instance) a Blue Jay appears, I give it a most important assignment. 

It has to bring the Bag-of-Blues to Skugga !
Skugga is a Cloud Creature, he eats people's blues and after he eats it he lets out an enormous burp, blowing away the clouds and Voila ! the sky turned blue, the sun appears and people are feeling happy again.
Look up children ! Can you see him?

 "Oh, I don't see him King Ollamh. . ." said little Higgins
"Well, squint your eyes and look again " said the King

"Oooooh yes I can see him ! Oooh he looks very kind !"
"Indeed he is, he is here to help. He turns up every once in a Blue Moon and as we gnomes know that means once a month in human terms."

"But King Ollamh, there are many people who are feeling blue these days how can you help them all ?"

I can't little Ginny, that is why I leave a message with the people I've visited.
I tell them to focus on beauty and spread beauty and I leave a little note with a quote from a remarkable little girl :
“I don't think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains.”
Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

Helen XXX 


  1. Ohhh Helen, a wonderful story! And I adore the bluejay too, what a beauty!!!! The King is so grand and then to call the bluejay to help is magnificent! I can see Skugga easily. I love your stories! ;)

    1. Thank you Barby ! The Blue Jay is on his mission right now :-)

  2. Wonderful! And your blue jay--my goodness!! You captured it perfectly!! King Ollamh is my hero!

  3. It's beautiful!
    I love king Ollamh!

  4. Lovely, Helen! King Ollamh is my hero, too. Your story reminds me of a Dineh prayer.

    In the house made of dawn.
    In the story made of dawn.
    On the trail of dawn.
    O, Talking God.
    His feet, my feet, restore.
    His limbs, my limbs, restore.
    His body, my body, restore.
    His mind, my mind, restore.
    His voice, my voice, restore.
    His plumes, my plumes, restore.

    With beauty before him, with beauty before me.
    With beauty behind him, with beauty behind me.
    With beauty above him, with beauty above me.
    With beauty below him, with beauty below me.
    With beauty around him, with beauty around me.

    With pollen beautiful in his voice, with pollen beautiful in my voice.
    It is finished in beauty. It is finished in beauty.
    In the house of evening light.
    From the story made of evening light.
    On the trail of evening light.

    1. Robin may I thank you for your kind words and this beautiful beautiful prayer. I'm touched by this.

    2. You're most welcome, Helen :0) Thank you for all the joy, beauty and kind words you share. I always love reading your posts and marveling at your creations.

  5. I want to come and play at your house Helen. You have such fun.

    1. I think you have a lot of fun in your house too !!! But you can come over any time :-)

  6. Beautiful story as always Helen, and such a great creations!:)

  7. From now on, when I am having a sad day..I will look for a bird with blue feathers...I have seen that same Jay here from time to time (He gets around!). I will give him my sadness so he can take it to King Ollamh to put in the bag. Then back to the bird and off to the Skugga to add to the BIG BURP!!! Oh thank-you so much for this easy solution!!! I shall be sure to treat jays, from now on, with a bit more respect!

    1. Make sure if you find a blue jay feather to keep it close, it attracts gnomes ! :-)

  8. so wonderful pictures and a wonderful story, i love it