Friday, June 22, 2012

Ukki says Goodbye

Uncle Ukki packed his bag, rolled up his sleeping mat and waves goodbye.
To answer some questions he would like to explain that the Tomb is indeed several of hundreds of years old.
It's supposed to be surrounded by a "field", all creatures great and small can see the Burial-sight because they have this so called " impression vision".
Uncle Ukki will explain later what that means.
Humans don't have the "impression vision" any more, well that is to say, rumours are more and more humans are rediscovering this ability.
And that is why Uncle Ukki is so anxious to find out who took these photo's and why these photo's were send to him.
The Mail-mole is deaf-mute and blind, so no hope on an explanation on his part.
 I'll see you all in a week !

Helen XXX


  1. Take care of yourself Uncle Ukki, we are waiting for your return!

  2. What if the photos were taken by a BAD Human, who has the "Impression Vision" and now wants to Blackmail the Gnome World or he will destroy the Tomb????!!!! WHAT IF?..WHAT IF???!! Oh MY imagination is running away with me!!! I am SO WORRIED!!!! Will Uncle Ukki be okay??? Doesn't he need a Rottweiler or a Bull Terrier to accompany him??? OH HURRY!!!!!

    1. Ha ! Pinky will come along ! We are not afraid !!

  3. Happy trip Uncle Ukki and you too Helen! :)

  4. oh gott he is wonderful. so really, i like it

    love greats from sylvia by the mäsywi-bären

  5. Happy trip to Uncle Ukki :))

  6. Hello,
    he is very beautiful...