Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Questions, questions, questions :-)

It was a beautiful day and the little ones were sitting in the kitchen while Uncle Ukki prepared lunch.
They were chit-chatting about all kind of stuff and admiring the new wall paper Uncle Ukki received from a gnome from the other side of ( this) world.
Uncle Ukki finally decided to put up a painting he had for a long time and he was in a very good mood.

Barby was reading quietly as usual when suddenly she asked: "Uncle Ukki, I've read the Gnome book from A to Z but there is something I cannot find . . . . ."
"What is it Barby dear ?" Uncle Ukki asks her.

"Well, I'm trying to find out why the sky is blue ! I did check your Great Book of Knowledge but there are missing pages and where the missing pages should be there was this very old photograph."

"Yes yes look Uncle Ukki ! This fell out of your book!"
 Arthur held up a very odd looking picture.

"Oh dear. . . ." Uncle Ukki replied and he paused for a minute.
He had a frown on his face as if he was thinking very hard.
"Children, the man on the photo and the man on the painting are one and the same man.
He is the Great King Ollamh and he is one of the few Gnomes who is responsible for feeding a creature called Skugga."

The little ones started talking all at once: who is Skugga ! what does he feed the Skugga ! what does that has anything to do with the blue sky!  why are the pages missing?!!!

Uncle Ukki raised his voice and told them to be quite.
"CHILDREN ! Our lunch is ready so first : lets eat ! "
 While we eat you take a close look at the painting of King Ollamh, it's a magical painting and if we call him with our thoughts he will hear us and come soon and tell you himself what 
his task is in this world."

Uncle Ukki has said enough, the little ones were quite as a mouse :-) and while enjoying their lunch they looked up at the painting and tried very hard to think about this Great King.

 To be continued. . . . .


  1. How wonderful! I can't wait to read the rest of the story! :) Xxx

  2. Amazing!! The face of the Great King is a vivid portrait!! And now what's happen?

  3. Oh Helen I can't wait to hear more, just as Sharon said! This is so exciting! :) I ADORE the Gnome king Ollamh! He is so grand!!!!

  4. SHHHH...a Secret...see the little ladybug on the wallpaper...no, not the red and black one- the yellow one with black dots. Well, that is me and I am the teeny ladybug on the wall, listening and seeing all that is happening. I too am thinking as HARD as I can about the noble King Ollamh, so hoping he WILL appear and tell us all about his job of guarding the mystical Skugga????!!!!! OKAY...CONCENTRATE EVERYONE..because I am an Impatient Ladybug.

    1. April you always manage to add something special about my stories :-)
      Thank you !!

  5. Helen, wonderful story and beautiful pictures as always!:)

  6. Wonderful, Helen! I'm waiting for the story to continue :-)


  7. Excellent!!! I can't wait to read the rest of the story! I love all the little mice.

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