Friday, April 8, 2011

Pippi Longstocking

I wanted to make a doll again so yesterday morning I was sitting on my bed thinking of what kind of character it should be.
Staring through the window, looking around the room ( I love my bedroom,it has a Swedish feel to it) admiring my shadow puppet on my windowsill. . . . 
 Ha ! Pippi Longstocking !
I bought this marvellous shadow puppet ( and others) here :

Pippi is my one and only heroine, she is an unconventional little girl who lived all by herself in a fantastic house with a horse and a Squirrel monkey: Mr. Nilsson.
How I loved the stories! And millions of people with me !

I felt like Pippi when I was young: I had a little white Welsh Pony, my Dad was a sailor and roamed the Seven Seas and I had a Mr. Nilsson.
Actually it was a stick insect I called Mr. Nilsson and I felt sorry for him living in a terrarium so I released the little guy after a few weeks.

Every time I feel conventional and grey-ish , I just look at my Pippi shadow puppet and feel like the little girl I once was.

So a Pippi doll it is going to be!
And a Mr. Nilsson of course!
Here is my Pippi:

So far I liked her, I pinned some hair I had laying around on her head just for getting the right look.
But but I found a little black spot just under her ear, it looked like a burn hole or something I couldn't clean it so I have to make another Pippi head. . . . .


  1. Какая красота!
    У Вас великолепные куклы!

  2. Спасибо Светлана !!!

  3. She's marvelous! I've always liked Pipi, too.

  4. Helen, you are amazing! She is wonderful; cannot wait to see more of her :-)


  5. Wow Helen, she's fantastic. I can't get enough of your work!

  6. Helen your Pippi is SOOOOOO dear! You always find a way to capture the essence of each character and that just amazes me! Such "heart" in everything you do! =)

  7. So great doll Helen - every time your dolls are full of life - truly talent!