Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pippi Longstocking

She called me, I heard a little voice coming out of my cupboard : " Come on ! I know you wanted me to have a little naughty face, but I'm also a sweet bighearted girl ! I like this face Helen !"
  Okay ! I think you're right, you are a sweet girl and if I had a little monkey like Mr. Nilsson I would have such a sweet smile all day!

Pippi will be in my Etsy shop today.
The girl with the Dungarees will  also be in my Etsy shop 
I don't know why someone takes pleasure in ordering a doll but never pays for it. :-(

Lost ?!

Sometimes I have so many ideas I don't know where to start.
How do you choose?
I want to make a European Jay, a Gnome sitting on a cart pulled by a bird, a boy doll, a Barn owl , a white squirrel etc.
I have my patterns in front of me and keep changing my mind.


  1. they're both cute sorry the other deal fell through

    Marisa :)

  2. Your dolls are a delight to behold!

    Sometimes I get stuck like you, with so many ideas that my brain can't seem to settle on one. When this happens, I read a good book, and while I'm doing this, see which idea seems to be the loudest for attention.

    It works, sometimes :-)


  3. Thank you Beth, I think that is a very good idea!

  4. This is my favorite girl!
    Pippi Longstocking, Emil and the other children. I like Astrid Lindgren, of her book. Helen, I love your dolls. Very!

  5. ЯТКА I am a huge fan of Astrid Lindgren!
    Cerchio Fatato Thank you !

  6. They are BOTH wonderful.
    Wish I could buy them both.


  7. Helen they are both just adorable! I know they will go to good homes. There are always one or two people do such things and do not follow through with a sale. It is their loss!!!

  8. My God! ":) it's beautiful! coincidence, just yesterday I wanted to make a new doll and would like Pippi! but turned out not Pippi! :) your Papilotta adorable!
    know, me too many ideas in my head. they are like bees)) I just have not learned how to sell their toys and, thus, can not implement all the ideas.

  9. what a wonderful Pippi!!! A fantastic face and lovely dress!! I love your dolls!!
    have a nice weekend

  10. Thank you so much Astrid! You have a wonderful weekend too !

  11. Hi, Helen!
    I'm very glad you like my little animals:) Now I am preparing a few dolls and hope that they, too, you'll like.
    I try to have a lot of hope. I really like the site Dawanda, there are very good people who write good letters, and it gives hope that my efforts were not in vain.

    best regards and admiration for your work


  12. Hay Helen,

    Wat een prachtige en ontzettend leuke poppen maak je zeg!
    Ga je blog volgen.
    Zou het leuk vinden als je een kijkje in mijn wereldje komt nemen.


  13. They're both fantastic! I love all of your ideas. I can see how you're having a hard time deciding. Do you keep a notebook of them? I tell myself that I should. When I'm stuck for what to make next, I could turn to my notebook. It's either feast of famine with the flow of ideas for me and I often forget all the great ideas I didn't get around to making.

  14. Robin, this is such a simple but brilliant idea!
    It's like you describe, feast or famine, I'm relieved I'm not the only one, I begin to doubt myself when I'm out of ideas and I forget all the previous ideas.
    Thanks! And a big hug for Bullet!

  15. oh wat zijn ze toch prachtig:)Pippi is ook mijn held,ik wilde altijd een huis dat op villa kakelbont leek...en een aapje natuurlijk:)
    Dank voor je lieve berichtje:)liefs Dees
    PS Wat een verhaal Helen van de pop die niet afgerekend werd.....jammer hoor..haar/zijn "loss"

  16. I love and I admire your creature. You are very talented. Congratulation!