Saturday, April 2, 2011

Owl ( I can't help myself)

I saw this owl on the internet and I love the colours and the expression.
I have this huge pile of wonderful soft wool and there he was!

This is the photo I saw:


  1. Ohhh Helen wat is hij ook mooi groooot!Super gaaf.Ja die foto is ook werkelijk prachtig:)))

  2. Dank je wel Dees! Heb hem lekker in t zonnetje in de tuin gemaakt, heerlijk!

  3. Helen, he is just magnificent! GRAND in every way! You are so amazing my friend! =)

    Happy week-end!


  4. Helen, I'm having a hard time telling which is real, and which is a Helen Priem!


  5. Helen don't you wonder what the birds were thinking as you worked on this owl? I bet none were in your yard! My birds and squirrels see me poking wool mice all the time and just stare at me doing that thru the window. I always feel they might think I am torturing it!

  6. Helen,
    I have a pair of horned owls, they look just like this one, living in the woods behind my house. Spring is mating season and they call back and forth to each other many times in the middle of the night. It's almost comical, the male and female have very distinctive calls.

  7. Susan, how I wish I lived that close to nature again to hear owls!Just hearing them would thrill me!
    Barby hahaa, yes it often crosses my mind if I'm poking an (wool) animal!
    Beth,you are too kind :-) !!

  8. Unique and beautiful work, Helen! Truly unique! I love this one!!! I have never seen anything like this. So nicely made!

  9. ЯТКА: Thank you ! You are so kind!