Friday, April 15, 2011

Monkey on my back

I was working on Pippi Longstocking this week but well I don't know, maybe the moon and planets were not on my side .
I made 4 heads for Pippi and non of them were the Pippi I had in mind.
So she goes in my cupboard for a while. 
I also had a monkey on my back, Mr. Nilsson. I studied a lot of pics of this squirrel monkey and the more I saw them the more I wanted to make a lifesize squirrel monkey.
I'm always a bit chaotic when it comes to new designs and it takes a long time before all the details are in my head.
He is almost finished now ( he has only one leg) but I couldn't wait any longer and wanted  to show him to you.
He is completely needle felted.


  1. I know what your talking about ... dolls have their own minds ... just wait a bit and Pippi will tell when she want's to be finished :-)
    And Mr. Nilsson is adorable. He is fabolous!

  2. Thanks Christine and yes they do have a mind of their own! I know she is going to be fine one day.

    Helen :-)

  3. This little monkey is so adorable, so cute! He looks so real.

  4. Dolls can definitely have a mind of their own, and some will be what they will be, and not what we want them to be :-) I don't know how, but it is true.

    Mr. Nilsson, is adorable. This has already been said, but it bears repeating!


  5. Thanks Beth, and yes we put a bit of our soul in our dolls, maybe that is why they get their own will ;-)

  6. Oh such a sweet little one! Monkeys are so human to me. He is darling Helen!

    Yes we both know all too well how there are days when we just need to move to another idea but I know Pippi will happen when she is good and ready to appear! =)

  7. The monkey is adorable, Helen! Can't wait to see your finished Pippi!

  8. WOW!!! gooorgeous little one... :)