Friday, September 9, 2011

Little owl

Just a photo, I love this photo !
It's a real wolf skull, it was a present from a little boy who found it somewhere in a German forest.
His Mom was a bit freaked out by it and so the boy gave it to me "because you love animals" ( his words)

By the way : There is a surprise tomorrow !!!


  1. Ich bin begeistert, deine Eulen sind einfach nur göttlich. So realistisch, als wollten sie gleich davon flattern. Aber auch deine anderen Tiere liebe ich und ich hoffe sie auch mal live zu sehen. Weiter so ich kann es kaum abwarten weiteres von dir zu sehen.
    -- Dirk --

  2. Oh Dirk, vielen Dank für deinen liebe Kommentar!

    Liebe Grüß,


  3. Wow Helen, was this a boy you met while looking at your new home? This is a very interesting nature piece. I don't think the wolf was very old, his teeth are not old looking or worn down much. It was nice of the boy to think of you because you do respect all in nature as I do too.

  4. Joanne, Barby, the boy was friend of Arthur when we lived in the country.
    He was 11 years at the time and loved playing with Arthur in the woods.
    They made tree houses and went searching for little skulls and feathers.
    The boy loved it very much, he was not allowed to take things like feathers or little bird skulls home.
    So while on a holiday in Germany the boy found this in a very remote area.
    He knew he couldn't keep the skull but took the effort of taking him home for me.

  5. Love the little owl! I love animals but not so sure I would want animal bones of any kind in my home. LOL! You are a brave soul! How kind for your young friend to think of you and give such a treasure to you. :o)

  6. Oh Carolyn, I collect stones,bones and feathers all my life and I think it's the reason my children are interested in nature :-)

  7. This Little Owl has Power in his silent mind!

  8. I love this little fellow but I can't help but think he is posing here as if to say, "I'M THE MAN!"
    "Yes, yes", he tells all of the even smaller owls, "I conquered this Wolf!!!! He had me trapped, you see..But I Out-smarted him!!!!" Of course, if a dog barks all of a sudden, this Owl will Jump straight up in the air in a Fright, and all the littler Owls will giggle and laugh!!!

  9. Yes April he looks like a little braggart!
    Big mouth, small heart :-)

  10. OH NO! He might be a braggart but all his friends..and he, himself, realize this. He doesn't take himself too seriously. Little Owl is a talented Storyteller, and his friends Love to hear his tales. He usually joins in with the laughter- even when its a joke about him! No, you would Never create a character with a small heart. All your creations are Big in Heart and Soul!

  11. April, you are a remarkable, sweet woman !