Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trying out my Broom ?!

As I was sewing his shirt he took the opportunity to take Baker for a ride on my Broom . . . . . they flew through the entire garden and beyond, sitting backwards, upside down, well you name it !
I took a quick snapshot of them and whooooosh off they went! They're still not back and I've been calling out for Baker ( I still need more names !!! for the Gnome )
It's almost lunchtime so I think they will be back soon . . . . .

Update: They came back have their lunch and now they're taking a stroll together in the garden ( Baker adores him )


  1. They look like they are having fun! As you know, I think your sweet/cute/funny gnome just might be Caspar!

  2. He's quite an adventuresome gnome, with such a sweet face. A little birdie flew in my window to tell me his name. I was so excited I ran down stairs to tell my children only to find out the birdies told them names too and they are all different. So please ask Mr. Gnome if any of these are his true name.
    My son said his name is Grandfather Gnome.
    My daughter says his name is Picktin.
    I think his name is Gnikko.
    I hope he get's home in time for lunch:)

  3. Aaaw these are adorable names! Thank you !

  4. He is quite sure of himself, isn't he? Already going off on big adventures! LOL!

  5. They do make the perfect pair. I guess every gnome needs a companion. He is wonderful.

  6. Love, love, love your new Gnome Friend...with and without his clothes!

  7. Thank you Vicki ! From now on his name is Picktin !