Friday, September 23, 2011

Owls from another world. . .

One morning, the little mousies saw something strange in the garden . . . . .
They ran inside and jumped on Uncle Ukki's bed. Uncle Ukki was still in bed but he had a busy night.
"Uncle Ukki"said Arthur, " there are some owls in the garden and we've never seen such owls ! "
"Yes Arthur, I know, they arrived last night and I've been busy comforting them all night. 
These owls are not from this world you see, I'll tell you the story :
"Once upon a time, long long ago there was this man : Pygmalion.
He was a sculptor and he made a beautiful woman out of marble. She was so beautiful he fell in love with her.
So day after day he went to the temple of Venus, begging her to give him a woman as beautiful as his sculpture.
After a while Venus came to his house and turned the statue into a real  woman.
Pygmalion was of course very happy and he married his Galatea ( that was the name he gave her) .
But Venus didn't know that Pygmalion overheard the spell she used to transform the statue and every time he created a sculpture he used the spell to give it life.
After a while Venus found out and because of the possible danger ( if Pygmalion ever should have a bad mood he could create a monster ) she banned him to another world.
He is still creating and giving life to his sculptures and they are kept in his world by a invisible chain.
But every now and then the creatures find a way to escape and when they arrive in our world the chain is getting visible. 
So, did you notice the little chain under their wing? 
These are Pygmalion's owls, he called them Athene Pygmalion and they come from that other world."
" WOW Uncle Ukki, this is a great story! I hope we see more of Pygmalion's creatures someday ! "


  1. Oh my... they are amazing... If you would ever want to exchange such an owl (or any other) for a quilt, just let me know. The right one is sooooo cute :D

  2. Kirie ! Thank you so much ! You are an amazing artist, I'm very impressed !

  3. Such a wonderful story! Your owls are them!

    xx Helen

  4. Ahhhh such a wonderful story Helen and your mystical owls are so grand! I love them all!

  5. Thank you Barby! Just commented on your brilliant Halloween Mousie !

  6. What a delightful twist to Pygmalion! I love what pours forth from your creative mind and hand :-)


  7. They are very lifelike! I love the way you pose them. As a matter of fact, I love everything about them. Cute story, too :0)

  8. Thank you so much Beth and Robin !

  9. Wonderful story and beautiful owls! I love their poses!

  10. Helen, the combination of your Wondrous Owls and the story is pure MAGIC! It brings them to LIFE! I love their chains, and I am so happy they escaped and are now in Our World!

  11. April, that means a lot to me ! Thank you ! X

  12. What wonderful owls, they have such character!

  13. You really have magic hands! they are Beautiful!!