Saturday, September 10, 2011


I received my  wool and wool felt yesterday and I sooo love the colours and softness of this New Zealand wool. 
Well, one look at this and a bird  came into my mind.
It's a bird I love , I  have a soft spot for the "Crow" family.
I decided to make one and give him away !
All you have to do is say what kind of bird this is, write it in a comment and I will pick a winner !
The answer have to be correct of course :-)

He would be a great Halloween decoration !
You can give your answer until September 17th and  Sunday September 18th I will pick a winner

p.s. If you cannot leave a comment for some "blogger"reason, just mail me at gmail :-)


  1. He's beautiful, but I have no idea what kind of bird it is. LOL!

  2. He's a raven and I would love to own him! =) or give him to someone I know that owns ravens! =) I LOVE your work!! (june girardi from Facebook)

  3. Raven I meant "Jackdaw" -June =)

  4. Oh my! I am excited to be in this drawing. It is a Jackdaw. :) Thank you for adding me to the hat for the drawing Helen! What a wonderful bird for someone to win!


  5. Hooded Crow? He's beautiful from what I can tell from his picture. I LOVE your birds Helen & would be thrilled to win :0)

  6. Toll! Vielen Dank für die Chance so einen schönen Vogel zu gewinnen!
    Ich denke es ist eine Dohle(Corvus monedula).
    In Englisch heißt das Jackdaw...?
    Liebste Grüße Conni

  7. I believe he is a jackdaw and I only know that because I saw Barby's answer and then googled it! I love crows as well~~~ Thank you for doing this, Helen!

  8. Oh, wat een schatje! Dit lijkt mij een kauwtje. Wat maak jij toch mooie dingen van wol. Mag ik meedoen met je prijsvraag?
    Groetsels van WolTroll

  9. The grey colour seems to be a bit light, but because of the blue eyes I thought at first glance it has to be a jackdow. Reminds me of the stories of Konrad Lorenz... Wonderful birds, I would love to own this one!

  10. WollTroll: natuurlijk kan je meedoen! Graag zelfs!
    Ellis: "Er redete mit dem Vieh, den Vögeln und den Fischen",I have to read it if I can get a copy!

  11. Ik had nog zo met me zelf afgesproken dat ik even niet mee zou doen met give-aways, maar deze kan ik echt niet overslaan. Ik houd het maar bij het Nederlands, het is een Kauw. Helaas kan ik geen linkje plaatsen naar je give-away want mijn blog ligt er tijdelijk uit.
    Fijne zondag, groetjes

  12. Okay, after doing a little research, my guess is Jackdaw as well! He is incredible as all of your creations are!

  13. A JACKDAW...white partial collar found a lot in Sweden!!!! HAHAHAHAHHA...I CHEATED!But hey- anyone would Cheat for the Opportunity to Win This handsome Fellow!!! Add my name please!

  14. Fabulous work, Helen!! I say it's a Jackdaw as well, and I would be absolutely thrilled to win him!! Not a species we have here in the states, but many of their corvid relatives are here! I really enjoy when I have them as rehab patients, the corvids are very intelligent birds!

  15. OK, it's a Jackdaw, and it looks beautiful. I would love to include him in one of my miniature plush critter stories (giving you credit, of course!)! Thank you for the opportunity--my fingers are crossed!

  16. I believe it to be a Jackdaw. I love your work and it would be great to have a piece to display. My hubby's favorite time of year is Halloween and I'm sure he would also love him. Thanks for doing a give-away, it's very generous of you :-) Happy Felting!!!

  17. Oh Helen he is beautiful. I too think he is a Jackdaw. (Had to ask my mum as I wasn't sure!) Thanks so much for letting me know, I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on this! :) Good luck everyone and thanks so much Helen for the giveaway!

  18. Hi, I Love the picture!
    I think it is "Varis" in my own language, don`t know if the translation is Crow, I hope so.
    We do have those birds here a lot, they have strong voice!
    Thank you for this possibility!

  19. Helen, a little bird must have told's a Jackdaw! Thank you so much for the link.

    Gail x

  20. Looks like one of our hoodies but Jackdaw is also a possibility. They are playing in the garden in the wind today.

  21. Helen, as W.C. Fields once said, "A thing worth having is worth cheating for!" so I will copy all the smart folks that have replied that it is a Jackdaw. We all know it would be a dream come true to win him :-)


  22. Hi Helen, the Jackdaw is fantastic. I hope I win.

  23. Pick me,Helen!:)I would say crow, hope is correct

  24. Helen,
    I think he's a Jackdaw...and he's wonderful, just like all your creations!


  25. A great frequenter of the church,
    Where, bishoplike, he finds a perch,
    And dormitory too.
    William Cowper
    I will have to join the Jackdaw group (Coloeus monedula). It's too bad they don't live in the Americas, If you send him maybe he can be an ambassador :)

  26. Hello Helen!
    I would like to invite you on my giveaway on my blog
    I'll be happy for your participation!

  27. This bird looks like a Jackdaw, please enter me for this wonderful give-away.
    Here's my blog, I hope you can pop by sometimes too =)

    Hugs, Wayne