Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crazy carpenter

I so love woodworking! I don't have a shed or other place where I can work so I can only work outside in my garden ♫ when the weather is fine ♫
The weather isn't that fine at the moment and I feel like the winter is never coming to an end . 
And I wanted to make a little desk, I've made one before but my daughter stole it :-)
Can't find a photo of it but here are some other things I've made ( If the weather was fine I would have made more and more of these, hence Crazy carpenter)
The last picture is of a cardboard clock I made for my daughter


  1. Where can I buy them! I want one :-)

  2. Oh echt hoor,ik waan me meteen in een kamer van Alice in Wonderland...zucht...mens wat heb jij een talenten:)

  3. Oh I adore your clocks so much Helen! They are all so charming. You have sooooooooo much talent my friend!