Wednesday, January 12, 2011

doll making part 2

As promised, part two :
I've cut and sew the parts, here you see them with the plastic joints I use for the arms and legs.
Now I have to turn and fill them and put the joints in.
That's done! Her head is sewn on but she looks a little unhappy.
She is pointing out that I haven't give her toes yet!
Look I've got toes! She is smiling now!
Lets give her a hair......

Yes this is you !
I always have to try different colours of hair, believe it or not but they have a very distinguished personality and they need the right colour!
  This is a bird-girl!!

Tomorrow she gets a nice outfit and some birds to accompany her......


  1. Zoooo lief,die laatste foto van dat koppie:)
    Ze zijn echt "bezield"jouw poppen:)

  2. si puede publicar los moldes de esta muñeca se lo agradeceria mucho ya que esto es mi debilidad gracias

  3. Your dolls are so lovely do you sell the patterned please xxx

  4. wow, how do you make such wonderful dolls?

  5. wow, how do you make such wonderful dolls?

  6. She is wonderful Helen , Thank-you

  7. Thank you so much for sharing everything. You are so talented and I do enjoy visiting your blog..