Thursday, January 13, 2011

Making a felt doll part 3

When I came down this morning, the girl and her friends were waiting for me at the kitchen table !
They were very anxious to see what kind of clothes I had in mind for her.
Well, she is a bird girl so a natural looking feather-like outfit with little boots to walk in the forest would be awesome!
And there she is !!
Oh wait little Ginny is as smart as her mother Barby !!
I forgot to sew the "Pip's Poppies" label on her back !

All we have to do is wait for the birds to come ( the weather was very bad, I think they show up tomorrow)


  1. Oh Helen! How wonderful for you to show how you create a doll! And I see one of your wee mice is helping remind you of things. LOL!!! Mike laughed too. You are so funny and entertaining Helen! Thank you for showing my work on your blog. That is most kind of you! =)

  2. Oh and I see you made a "Little Owl" too! The mice sure look like they love living with you and your creatures and dolls. =)

  3. Oh goodness, I wanted you ALSO to know that I adore your doll!! Of course I would! ;)

  4. Oooooh, you have to make a book like this, it'll sell!!

  5. hi there,
    can you tell me where you get your flesh colored felt..... thank you

  6. I just discovered needle felting a day ago and I cannot stop looking at your wonderful owls and dolls. Your work is amazing.