Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finally dressed !

Sometimes dolls really do have a mind of their own  :-0
I had this little girl for a while and she wouldn't want me to dress her, I've tried a number of dresses in different colours but NO.
Last Saturday I came home after another house-hunting adventure in Germany and I noticed someone has adopted her!
This kind lady asked me to dress her so I send her a pic with a example dress, she liked it but I noticed some hesitation.
I asked her if she had any ideas and yes she really wanted a Latzhose ( salopette,dungarees) AHA ! Yes this little girl is a tomboy!
Of course she wouldn't want me to give her a dress!
I think she is happy now, she doesn't want to show she is happy because she is way cool!
Look at her now!


  1. She is realy cool in her outfit (and I think she is happy ;-) )

  2. She is so perfect, Helen!


  3. Ohhhh Helen I thought that WAS your undressed doll! She is wonderful! I know the buyer will be VERY happy!

  4. she is sooooo cute! just want to hug her! warm wishes and a nice week! di

  5. Aaaw ! Danke DI ! Schönes Woche!

  6. Lekker stoer staat het, past precies bij haar.

  7. It has been a while since I have had time to browse my fav blogs and I only have time today because we had take out for dinner because it was Mothers day. I am so glad I did because I found your blog through one of them ;-) how wonderful your creations are :-D

  8. Thank you Juliet! If it puts a smile on your face I'm happy!
    I will browse your blog tomorrow!