Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another find !

I was sitting quietly at my kitchen table when suddenly little Ginny appeared on top of the table
  Oh my goodness ! What is going on Ginny !
Aaaaw Look at those sweeties.
Don't worry Ginny, the Mom will find them.

But Helen, shouldn't we take them inside and feed them and comfort them?

No no, little owls fall out often and the best you can do is leave them, don't touch them, the mother or father  find them and take care of them.
You see? Everything is going to be fine little ones!
You know what, I write a letter to a  Gnome friend and ask him if he could stay here a while with you and teach you all about the animals.

p.s. The owls are going to be in my Etsy shop March 31 at 3:00 CTZ


  1. Helen, your owls, and your story, are a delight. Your blog always makes me smile :-)


  2. Beth, you are such a sweet woman!

  3. they are so cute and I loved the story!

  4. You are not only a talented artist, but a natural-born storyteller as well. You owls are wonderful, but the way you present them is the best!

  5. I just love them Helen! And I like the way you taught the lesson on how to leave the babies alone, to let the parents tend to them. This is good as many do not know that. The story is charming and enchanting. You are a marvel dear friend! =)


  6. Never a dull moment in your backyard!

  7. Helen, this is a great story!!!

  8. Thank you all for your great comments!

  9. Wat een onwijs aandoenlijke post:)zo super schattig allemaal:)Ik zit te genieten!fijn weekend!(lekker weer he?)liefs D