Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy week !

This was a very busy but happy week!
I worked on commissions and in the meanwhile I've got this strong urge to make something new.
By Wednesday I finished my commissions and well, as everyone knows who works with wool my house was a big mess! 
Wool all over the place, I could needle felt a complete horse with the dust and wool I vacuum-cleaned.
So by the time I could finally rest my bones on the couch with Pinky ; DOORBELL
Mailman with package!
All the way from Colorado!
And look at this. . . . . . .

Aaaaaaaw Barby send me a belated Birthday Present!!
It's Pinky for sure, and the details are stunning!
My Energy level was shooting to the sky, this is the most beautiful little Bull Terrier critter I"ve ever seen!
Barby has paid so much attention to make it a personal gift, she remembered the tiniest details I told her once in a while about Pinky.
She has a lucky blue bird under her arm ( she likes watching birds with her Mom)
The cute little embroidered( ! )   bag contains a stick, a woollen sock, apple,carrot, a bun with meat and a braided loaf of bread ( for sharing with the birds)
I had to search for words to thank her, I cannot thank her enough, Barby is the sweetest !

New owl ( couldn't concentrate, kept looking at the Barby-Pinky)
I fell in love with a pic of a baby Pygmy owl so I took a shot at it.
This is how he turned out, I don't know what to think.
In real he is very cute but it still has to grow on me.


  1. Aaahhh, to the baby owl and to Pinky. I love Barbie's work. Little Pinky is so sweet, all the detail is outstanding. And the sweet little owl is so cute. I love his face.

  2. Pinky is very darling. What a wonderful & thoughtful gift! I love Barbie's work and was very impressed with Pinky when I saw her on Barbie's blog. You're very lucky. I love your pygmy owl. He looks a lot like one I rescued. The most striking feature to me were the spots on the back of his head. They kind of look like eyes. And they have really big feet for such tiny guys. Did you know that these guys are quite fierce? They hunt other birds and often take ones twice their size.

  3. The owl is very sweet, and Pinky - wow, you got a great gift!

  4. Hi Robin!
    Yes I'm very lucky to receive such a wonderful present!
    Missed the "eyes" on the Pygmy owl! This little creature is a wolf in sheepskin but my goodness he looks adorable.
    That would be something, holding one in your hands!

  5. Ina, thanks yes it is a great gift!

  6. Hi Helen,
    The Pygmy owl is fantastic! It looks so real. This little guy looks like he's ready to take flight.

  7. Helen, I'm expecting this owl to move any minute, and show us he isn't really needle felted at all :-) It is hard to find words for such exceptional work.


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  9. Beth and Teresa; Thank you ! You are the sweetest!