Thursday, March 10, 2011

How could I have forgotten this ?

Some years ago my sister and I lived under one roof. She and her family and me and my family bought a house together and split it in two. There was a large area in the back of the old farmhouse and we made it a shop/tearoom.
We sold only handmade things and Sophie ( sis) also mixed the most delicious tea's from local and bought herbs.
She designed clothes, bags and fairy things and I painted and sculpted and made furniture.
But I forgot! I forgot the things I've made!
Until now, she emailed me photo's of some stuff and I was totally surprised!
Did I made this? Yes I did !
The first painting is a Pastel copy of a painting made by Evelyn de Morgan, the last pic is me at work.
 I was so pleased to see them again, Thank you Sophie-sis!


  1. You are an amazing painter! Helen, you"re so very talented!

  2. Ohjaaaaaa!!! Mooi hoor mam, was het ook vergeten x

  3. What a wonderful look back!


  4. Helen, your talent is never ending. Your art is always stunning. But what makes it all so special is that you are such a lovely artist inside and out. I am so happy to call you my friend!



  5. Your work is absolutely incredible!

  6. Yes, a wonderful look back, but you're much better in the present :-)

  7. Jemig Helen echt ongelooflijk.Jullie zijn echt zoooooo geweldig "blessed" met artistieke gaven.Daar bovenop nog allebei heel mooi om te zien,en het hart op de goede plaats....Je zou er eigenlijk een tikkie jaloers van worden...maar ja daar zijn jullie gewoon té leuk voor:)))liefs D

  8. Nou Dees : look who's talking! Dat gaat voor jou ook allemaal op!!!

  9. How did I miss this blog entry? Your work is incredible!