Friday, June 17, 2011

The changeling

This time little ones, I have a sad story.
You know the story of Pinocchio ? How he turns from a doll into a real boy?
This story is the other way around, a boy turning into a doll.

It all happened in a small village in Wales, England. . . . . .
In that village lived a woman who just had a baby boy, one day she went outside to feed the chickens.
She was only outside for a minute when she thought she heard her boy cry and quickly ran into the house to check the baby.
She made an awful discovery, in the crib was a baby boy but it wasn't her beloved boy.
She immediately knew what happened, her child was switched by the Elfs.
It was a Changeling !
Well she cried for days,weeks and months but she knew there was little chance of seeing her boy back.
The best she could do was take care of this strange boy for she knew the Elf-mother would treat her son the same way she treated this Elf boy.
She dressed him with fine cloths, no shoes tho, she was afraid he would ran away, and gave him the best food but she couldn't love him.
The Elf boy always felt sad and as soon he could walk he was sitting on the windowsill, just looking outside.

His human-mother saw him smile just once ; when a Jay came to the window.
From that day she called him 'Adar " ( that means bird in Welsh )
The Jay lost a feather and the human-mother made a necklace for the boy with the feather, she hoped he would smile again.

The boy never smiled again.
When the boy was 5 years old he wouldn't want to go to bed anymore, he just sat by the window.
The human-mother didn't bother to call him, she had a baby girl and it was her pride and joy.
It was a sweet little girl and because her "brother "wouldn't play with her, she played with her doll who she loved dearly.
Adar watched them play and one day he gave up hope, his mother would never come to take him away, he would never be loved in this house.
He turned into a doll. . . . . . . dolls are beloved and maybe one day, there would be someone who loved him.

Adar will be in my Etsy shop today.. . . . . .


  1. Helen what a sad story. But in life there IS sadness. I know Adar will be loved very soon as he is such a darling boy! I love your story and I adore little Adar!

  2. Thank you Barby!! Have a great weekend!

  3. You too Helen! I just adore Adar. And love your storyteller gnome in bed with the mice. =)

  4. thanks for the lovely story! love the little guy ))

  5. Helen, you certainly know how to tell a story; just like a fairytale I would have read as a child. Surely the story has a happy ending, and the little girl will play with her brother now, or some lucky person who finds him in your shop :-)

    I will look at my own dolls more carefully; maybe they are changelings too, and need more of my love.


  6. Fretta and Beth: Thank you ! I appreciate you comments so very much!

  7. What a sad, sweet story! Love the first picture with the old man and the bunnies--how darling! I love what you do with your stories. I do something similar on my blog, but with plush critters. Thanks for the lovely story.

  8. Jennifer, I loooove your critters and stories!
    They look perfect, the story, your plushie and the photo's!
    Thank you for your sweet comment!

  9. Bittersweet♥awwwww dat koppie Helen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. You have a wonderful imagination! I really enjoyed the story, even though it was so sad. With his sorrowful face, poor little Adar is an unusual piece of art, but I like the Jay best.

  11. Hahahaa Elli! I know what you mean about the Jay!

    Thank you !

    Dees, dank je wel!

  12. Awwwww thats just to sad, i hope little Adar finds some happiness, snifff

    On the hand he looks soooo gorgeous how could anyone not love him, amazing work xoxo

  13. preciosa historia y precioso trabajo ainsssssssssssssss como me gustan tus muñecos

  14. Luzdelunna,Gracias, eres muy dulce ;-)

  15. Sad, but wonderful story!