Thursday, June 30, 2011

Niklas the Swiss mountain Gnome

Little ones !
Have I ever told you about Niklas?
Well, he is a friend from Switzerland.

He lives way up in the mountains with his little Squirrel friend Loki.
He has a very important job, he makes sure the Swiss cows are all back in their stable before the Winter comes.
You know the Swiss farmers let their cows roam the mountain greens during Summer ?
Sometimes a cow gets lost but Swiss cows wear bells and usually the farmer finds it quickly.
But as soon as the snow falls it is more difficult to find them, because of the snow the sound of the bells is muffled .
And there is where Niklas and Loki comes in.

He jumps on his sleigh, pulled by the magnificent strong white Squirrel Loki and because of a Gnome's outstanding hearing he soon will find the lost soul.
Sometimes a beautiful Jay comes to warn him about avalanches !
There is this rumour little ones, when there is snow and mist and sun, sometimes it causes strange huge shadow projections on the mountains and it happened quite often that people saw a shadow from Niklas and Loki high on a mountain and I think it inspired a certain "someone " as a way to bring gifts around the world. 

Oh look here is a photo of him and Loki !


  1. Oh this is so so wonderful!What a marvelous way to begin my day with a cup of hot tea and a beautiful Fairy tale with your enchanting cast. Thank-you!

  2. I love everything you create, but your stories are also wonderful. :)

  3. Thank you Sharon, I'm a bit insecure about the stories because of my English so all of you made my day !

  4. This is so fun! What a cute story and cute critters! I love the blue felt clothes on Niklas and the expression on his face--so sweet! I have a special section on my blog for other artists besides myself who create fun stories on their blogs. You are soooooo on my list. Come visit my blog sometime and see!

  5. Oh oh oh! Helen you are such a grand storyteller! Well your gnome is. =) Your stories bring your art to life! I love this story too and adore your white squirrel Loki and Niklas gnome! Keep telling stories.....they are magic!

  6. I just found your blog. What lovely dolls you make. They are all fabulous but I am particularly attracted to the mice. so cute!

    Erin :)

  7. Thank you Erin !
    The mice are made by Barby Anderson :

  8. Hahahaha mom, that is the best story ever! :D