Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The storyteller

Didn't I say this before?  Dolls have a mind of their own ? I totally had different plans with this little guy, but after a couple of outfits, my son looked at him and said : " he looks like a storyteller and I think he needs a night gown.
I made him a nightcap and yes I think when I make him a long sleeping gown and a book in his hands, he is going to be a storyteller.
His head is movable ( Yes ! ) and I put some wire in his fingers so he can grab something.

P.S. I'm totally in love with his little glasses . . . . . .


  1. So wonderful!!I like him!
    I like his ears!
    Greetings, cornelia

  2. He's wonderful, I like the ears too :)


  3. Wow Helen! As you know I love your storyteller gnome but I did not know he had a moveable head too with wired fingers! That is super Helen! He is just grand!

  4. magnificos trabajos

  5. haha jouw zoon heeft "het"dus niet van een magie om dingen tot leven te brengen:)hij is geweldig Helen....zou je hem toch niet liever bij je houden ipv de wereld in te sturen......Hij heeft zo'n ontzettend lief gezichtje:)liefs en fijn pinksterweekend!Dees

  6. Luzdelunna: Gracias !

    Dees: Ik hou hem zelf! Ik laat hem mijn nieuwe poppen/dieren aankondigen. Ik ben verliefd op dit ventje. Hij volgt me de hele dag met zijn ogen.

    Jullie ook een fijn Pinkster weekend !

  7. YAY!! I'm the 100th follower!! you do some amazing work by the way :)

  8. Minnie : YAY Nr. 100 !!! Thank you for your kind words! You do some amazing work also,I want to eat it all !