Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Telling a story.. . . . . .

The gnome's name is  Lumikello, that means "snowdrop" in Finland. He is born in Finland but he has been travelling around the world for ages.
He asked the little critters to call him Ukki, that means Grandpa in Finnish.
He is settled in here and has a room of his own which he happily shares with the little ones. 

Okay you sweeties, are you ready for a story? 

 Well, some years ago I had to go far away for a meeting with some other gnomes.
I was in Siberia,it was Winter and very cold, there was this huge Blizzard and I couldn't see more then a foot ahead.
Suddenly, without making a sound , this large Barn Owl landed in front of me.
Wheew! Who are you, beautiful bird? 
My name is Alba and I will lead you through this blizzard she said.
And so she did, she flew in front of me until I was at the right place.
So, little ones, this is what people say about the Owl :
Barn owls are the ones who see without seeing and hear without hearing; the ones who can hear what is not spoken and ones
that see things without physical sight.
 She knew I was lost and had to go to that meeting, but no one has told her.
In Siberia they say the Owl is a helpful Spirit.

Goodnight little ones. . . .  

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  1. Awww Helen, I LOVE your story and setting for the gnome, owl and mice! How charming! The room furnishings are so cute too! I love how you painted the little beds with flowers. I love the gnomes snow outfit, nightgown, and everything about this. Bravo Helen! Great story and makes me feel like a child again! =)

  2. Oh Barby, I'm glad you like it!
    I was a bit curious to know what you thought of it. . . .

  3. Helen, Your gnome like me really well!

  4. Helen, your Barn Owl is beautiful!