Monday, July 4, 2011

And the winner is . . . . . . . .

Thank you all for participating !
These are the pics of the drawing :

Congratulations Robin !
I know you will be happy with my cow-painting !

You all have a great 4th of July and Elli : schönes Tag !


  1. I'm happy for you, Robin, congratulations!
    And thank you, Helen, have a nice day!

  2. Robin how lucky you are! Owning anything of Helen's is so wonderful and now you can give it to someone and make them smile! =)

  3. Thank-you for even including me and a Big Happy CONGRATULATIONS to Robin!!! She is a beautiful Cow with lovely eyes and Robin will adore having her, I'm sure! I love this Blog and am so delighted to have found you!

  4. April, I have to thank you for participating and for your very kind words !


  5. Thanks everyone! I'm just so over the top to have won such a gorgeous painting! Thank you Helen :-)