Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Barby and I are over the moon with joy !
Many of you know Barby Anderson and her adorable critters, I found her through Flickr ( or did she find me?)
It is such a delight to see her new critters and I often browse through her Flickr pages to see them .
She also has quite a few of my creations and from the moment her critters and  my first Barn Owl  met, there was chemistry.
We inspire each other, I see her mice and bunnies with a certain animal and Barby, almost on that moment, writes me about that certain animal .
What follows are the stories only Barby can write in her own nature-loving way !

She told me of her plan to publish a book about her beautiful little babies with my animals months ago and now it's here !

It's a wonderful book, it is a book you pick up over and over again, each photo is beautiful, crisp, clean, full of details.
The little rhymes are sweet, endearing and so perfect with the critters.
 This is a collectors-item, you can see Barby's Art all together ( with my creatures YAY ! ) in one book.
There are 93 colored photos !
You can buy this beautiful book of my friend here:

This morning I received my copy and I'm so proud and honoured, I can't tell, it took my breath away.
Barby, my dear friend, thank you for this overwhelming gift!

P.s. Barby had to make an entirely new book, the template of the publisher Lulu she used seems to have flaws .
I will post new pics of the book, it has 93 photos now in stead of 75 and the colour of the book will be a beautiful blue !


  1. Oh what a beautiful book. This is wonderful for you both.

  2. Awww thank you for the lovely words Helen. When our creatures and Gnomes come together it is pure magic to me. I hope others smile when they see our art together!

    Thank you again my friend, for allowing me to make this book with our art inside. As I said, next time you will let me put YOUR name on the cover with mine. It is the combination that makes the magic appear!

    Happy creating friend!



  3. You and Barby really do create magic! It's a wonderful book!

  4. Congratulations, Helen! How exciting! You deserve it, of course. How about your own book now? Your little stories and critters are adorable.

  5. Great book, really amazing!
    And Jennifer give you great idea!

  6. What a wonderful book- a symbol of love and a great friendship!!! SWEET TENDER PHOTOS!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  7. Jennifer, Ina and April, thamk you so much ;-)

  8. Wat geweldig mooi!
    Groetjes Margreet

  9. I think that is a great idea too Plushpussycat! Helen is a great storyteller and I do not have all of her creations here so she SHOULD make a book documenting ALL of her art with her darling stories!! I agree, Helen you should do that! I would be the first to buy it!! =)

  10. Barby, if I had the photographer skills you have, or a better writer in English, still no, our critters are the best together ;-)