Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A letter from Mama !

Children, come sit with me !
I've got a letter from your Mama
This is what she writes :

Dear Ukki, little ones and children,

I know I promised to be with you last week.
I couldn't come home because there was a little colony of fruit bats that called for my help.
They were driven away from their territory and needed a new place to live.
The gnomes and I found a perfect spot for them but the little bats needed a little time adjusting and comforting.
I\ll be home this week, the fruit bats are doing great now !

Many hugs and kisses,

p.s. I include some  photos of the little bats

Oh how sweet of your Mama, look here are the photos:

The fruit bats are made with the Mouse Needle Felting Class of Barby Anderson
Barby's Etsy shop :


  1. Oh Helen, the fruit bats are adorable! As are the gnomes and the letter!

  2. Helen I love your story and of course I love your fruit bats too! They are precious as is your Mama Gnome and children! How I love watching everything that you create and imagine in your mind.

    Happy creating friend!


  3. Barby: Thank you so much dear friend !

  4. Helen, the fruit bats are so so adorable! And of course, your story is great again:D

  5. Imagine mom, if your bats and Barby´s bats have little bat babies, they would be sooo cute! :D

  6. Hahaaahaa that would be super cute !

  7. Joe and I cannot stop looking at those CUTE bats and the gnomes too...of course! Joe asked me..."Does Helen know how good she is?"

  8. I love the Gnomes, and I am so proud Brother has not gotten himself into any real trouble! The bat is showing off his wings like a Magician with his cape...Such a Flourish!!!So wonderful!

  9. Those fruit bats are soooooo adorable! I just love them! What a cute continuation of your story. I just love it!