Friday, July 1, 2011

Giveaway to give away

This morning I read the beautiful Blog of Joanne :  Desertmountainbear
She is giving a stunning little Picasso marble bear away ! Made by a Navajo artist !
I love Native American Art, and to think of seeing  such a piece in real is unreal for me.
 It made me think, if I should be the lucky one, I would give it away to a person I know who deserves such a little treasure at this point in his life.
More thoughts. . . . . 
I want to do a Giveaway for the same reasons Joanne is doing: 
I quote Joanne :
I am thankful that I can sell the things I use my heart and hands to create.
I am thankful for the people who follow my work.
but I want the winner to give it away to someone he/she thinks need a little nice gesture. 
Wouldn't that be awesome, to participate for someone else ?

I want to give away this painting I've made in 2007, the last painting I did of a cow.
For me the cow symbolizes warmth and kindness and I think it is the perfect gift for a person who needs a bit of extra warmth and kindness.
All you have to do is leave a comment, I will be drawing one of your names on 4th of July ;-)
It would be nice if the winner told me about the person who will receive the painting.

Trust men and they will be true to you¸ treat them greatly and they will show themselves great
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Pastel on wood, 11 inches x 15 inches, framed under glass
It's signed


  1. Oh thank you Helen for this post. I grew up around cow farms so I would send this beautiful painting home.

  2. Joanne your post started me thinking about a giveaway and I love to give away :-)

  3. Your cow is as beautiful as your thoughts hosting a give-away. Your cow has such a serene face. I hope you win the little bear on Joanne's blog. It's kind of funny, I've been thinking of hosting another give-away, soon. I've been waiting until my blog has 300 followers. I only have 2 left to go. I would be thrilled to own one of your paintings. But I hope Joanne wins it ;-)

  4. Robin, thank you for those words !

  5. Helen what a wonderful thing you are doing. Your cow painting is so charming and I know someone will love it. I hope Joanne wins it too! =)

  6. Barby I think you all are sweet unselfish generous people yourself !

  7. What a wonderful painting! I have a picture of cows hanging over my bed because it looks so peaceful. I love the idea behind your giveaway, even though I am not sure yet whom I could give it to.

  8. Ellis, Ich bin froh, dich und deine art zu erfüllen haben

  9. Thank you Helen. I meant to add, there is a wonderful site where people can donate things to artists that are going through bad times. They auction off your item and the money goes to the artist to help them. I have done this a few times with donating my classes and here is the link in case anyone is interested. There is no auction running now but this lady does them off and on.

    Happy 4th of July to anyone in the USA!


  10. OOUUHHHHH...I am so Upset and your lovely cow is perfect timing! I have recently been loving new Blogs- yours for one..and also one called, She writes of Gnomes and a Fairytale childhood and her dear daughter and dolls and innocence to fill your heart with joy. But dear Jacqueline is upset right now. Her front yard is "Gnomeland" and the person who is newly in charge of her housing area FORBIDS the Gnomes and their Fairyland and wants them GONE in place of......GRASS!!!!! Ooouuuuu, this makes me so upset. A special fantasy she and her husband have created for years of pleasure to be destroyed by some Grass loving Uppity BORE!!! So, if I were to win your Gorgeous cow, I would give him to Jacqueline as a Symbol of love, friendship, strength, and determination!A cow is such an American Symbol and I thought, in America, we were able to make our Dreams Come True????!!!!!

  11. April how sweet of you to think about Jacqueline !

  12. Your art is beautiful. I am behind on reading my blogs, so too late to enter, but I have to say that when thinking of who I would've given it to if I won it? I would have had to give it to my husband, so it could remain in our home and I could enjoy it! :) It's beautiful. So generous of you to share it with someone else.

  13. Tonya, thank you! So clever of you, you would give it to your husband!
    I'm so sorry you were too late, there were not many participants, maybe I should have give it more time for entering.
    I have to learn, next time I do better :-)