Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Revised edition !!!!

There were some problems with the first edition of the book but all is well now !!!

I think Barby explains it much better so here is a part I copied from her Blog :

New BLUE BOOK with Barby Anderson and Helen Priem's art inside

Well, I had to re-publish the brown book I posted earlier because the publisher had a template problem. I made it blue this time and love the new color. Helen's name is on the book because her art is all through the book with my critters and I wanted it on this one! Humble Helen might say differently but since I published it I got my way! ;) There are 93 photos in the book so I included just a few on here. Here is the link to where our book is sold:

Everyone who bought the brown book with the flaw gets a new free copy of the blue book !!!!!

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