Friday, August 19, 2011

Frightening discovery part 2

Arthur was intrigued by the Uldra and followed him everywhere but the Uldra was a second out of Arthur's sight and the creature got his hands on a poor bird!
Uncle Ukki took the bird easily out of the Uldra's hands and set the bird free
All right little ones, that's it !
I have this plan. . . . . .  did you see Spoon this morning?
He agreed to help me and I need your help too little ones.
As I told you, the Uldra won't leave the house but his greed will lure him outside.
He loves grapes more then anything so if you will go outside and hold the grapes and call him, Spoon will get into action.
The little ones called and called and yes! There he was!
Before anyone noticed what happened :
 Bravo Spoon ! Take him as far as you can !!!

Okay children, I suspect we will hear more of him but for now ; Lets drink a nice cup of tea !


  1. Oh my!!! I love the continuing story!!! LOL! This is so wonderful Helen. Your mind is so creative. I just love this whole story line...... and yes I bet this is not the last we hear about the "Uldra!" ;)

  2. I had so much fun with this Barby !!!

  3. I am still laughing. I cannot stop laughing! That nomnomnom! HA! The grapes and the mice holding on for dear life. Oh my, Helen this is pure magic!

  4. Thanks for the interesting story and the show! Very interesting and fun to watch your heroes! Thank you for your work!

  5. Hahahaaha I think it's funny too, I think I looked at part 1 and 2 20 times !!

  6. Елена/Elena : Thank you so much and if it makes you laugh,I'm happy!!

  7. Oh that picture of the little ones Luring the Uldra with the grapes is Priceless!!!!!! SO CUTE!!! I just hope Spoon does NOT know which direction is Arkansas, USA..I don't want that Uldra causing trouble here!!!! It's like the horrible tempered Rooster my Father-in-law took out to the woods to try and LOSE....far far away. But come sundown, guess who was sauntering back up the drive???

  8. Hahaha April!! You have quite some stories yourself: brother on leash, ferocious Rooster . . .

  9. I too am laughing lots! What brilliant fun. :) But am I the only one who feels a little sad for the Uldra? I certainly can't blame him for wanting to live with the gnomes and mice and birds and pigs and... :)

  10. Yes Sharon, the Uldra is like a mindless hulk but not really evil!

  11. Such a cute story. I love when Spoon whooshes the Uldra away! Yay!