Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Frightening discovery !!!!!

One morning, Ginny, Arthur and Higgins were up very early and decided to watch the geese flying over.
But My Oh My what is this !!!
It looks like a Stork baby!
Higgins speaks the bird-language, but no response from the bird.
They quickly ran inside to get Uncle Ukki.
Uncle Ukki stumbled out of bed ( forgot to put on his slippers) and ran with the children outside
They managed to get him inside and on the kitchen table,
Well Uncle Ukki's  vision wasn't good but there was nothing wrong with his nose ! SUDDENLY !!!!
 The bird changed into something horrible! Uncle Ukki fell over and the little ones screamed !!!
Oh my oh my what was this! Arthur ran to get some dates!
Little ones, this is an Uldra!
I know now what happened with my glasses, he did something with it.
He knows that a gnome recognize an Uldra in disguise immediately and you little ones have no experience with them.
He disguises himself to get into the house, at night he will check the house of innocent people and if he likes it he wants to be invited in.
Of course no one lets him in as soon as they see it's an Uldra and that is why he disguises himself.
When he is invited in, he won't leave.
When he is not invited in he can't stay in the house ( there are other creatures who have these rules)

An Uldra is a creature who originally lives way up North but these days you find them more and more all over the world.
They have one light coloured eye and one dark coloured eye, so they can see during the day and at night.
You see the leash on his neck? When Uldra's are born the mother gives them a leash right away!
They are not too bright and they will forget who their mother is so they are kept on a leash.
The mother of course is also not so bright and she will forget which child is hers if it's not on a leash.
The creatures are quite harmless but because they are a bit ( very ) stupid, they see no harm in harming animals or humans.
They just doesn't understand hurt ( unless it's themselves who's hurt)
Well I will come up of a way to get rid of him and in the meanwhile we keep him busy with fruit, he is a vegetarian and loves dates and prunes!

To be continued. . . . . .


  1. Hihiii funniest story so far! The disguise is so cool and he troll is sooo ugly. But cute-ugly :D

  2. LOL! I love your story and love the Uldra! This Uldra is going to really come into the lives of MANY mice and other critters soon! I wonder if this Uldra will travel far to find more dates and goodies? There is plenty of fruit in the USA you know? Hmmmm...the story continues...... :)

  3. What an interesting turn of events! I hope they can get him out of the house! :-O

  4. Thank-goodness Uncle Ukki is experienced and knows an Uldra when he smells one!! Hmmmm, the Uldra may not be too smart, but he WAS clever enough to take on a cute disguise! OH MY GOODNESS, do you know my Brother was put on a leash when he was little....OH OH- HE'S AN ULDRA!!!!! I should have SUSPECTED!!!!