Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little sillyness

Blogger didn't work all day so I didn't post the next story about the Uldra.
It will be here tomorrow !

I took a day off from sewing, poking and vacuum cleaning and took pics of my dog Pinky.
She was sleeping on the couch all day and that was what I wanted ! 
I posted her photo on Facebook and someone said : this isn't felt is it ?
That reminded me of my felt Pinky, I started a needle felted Pinky more then a year ago but I hurt my elbow when I was building a garden shed and I couldn't needle felt for quite some time.
My elbow is better and I needle felt for a while now but poor needle felted Pinky was still waiting for legs.
So I took her out of her hiding place and hopefully I will finish her soon
Well, that is what I did today :-)


  1. Ohhh Helen, wool Pinky is just amazing too!!!!

  2. The two look so cute together. Glad you had some silly fun! :-)

  3. Helen, you are an amazing artist. It is such a joy to see what you will create next :-)


  4. I can't tell which is which!!! The felt Pinky is Amazing!!!! And so is the REAL Pinky!!!! We have three doggie babies, and each one has their favorite spot...Henry on the futon Dad made, Mack in the little chair and Betty in Dad's chair!!! HAHAHHAHHA!!

  5. Oh Helen! They are both gorgeous! You reminded me of my little woollen Shugg's that's waiting to be finished - I only have the head done up to now. I will dig her out and take a photo for you to see!

    Gail x

  6. Oh yes please Gail !!

    Hugs to you and Shuggs !

  7. Just came across your art! Just LOVE your felt Pinky! When you are working so large, is the outer shell just felted over some kind of padding/armature or is it solid wool?