Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pyjama !

Good morning little ones! What are you doing?
Good morning Uncle Ukki ! 
We  are knitting a pyjama for the little piggie, we heard Helen say he needs a pyjama.

But Ginny, where did you learn to knit?

Well Uncle Ukki, I guess we didn't tell you but Arthur and I lived in Scotland for a while, as a matter of fact, on the Fair Isle, a tiny island that is part of the Shetland Islands.
They make beautiful knit-work and we learned it from a very nice man.
Higgins can not knit but we are teaching him and he is trying very hard. ( see his tongue hanging out :-)
We let him knit the leg part of the pyjama so he only needs one colour .
Well children it looks very good !

Thank you Uncle Ukki! Can you move a bit you're blocking our example!
So, I'll have to take measures and see how the colour is matching


  1. Ohhh how precious! Ginny is knitting the piggie pajamas with the others! LOL! Oh how cute!! You have quite a busy group of critters there Helen. I just love all of your piggies!

  2. I so wish I had your imagination! :) I'm smiling from ear to ear once again, thank you!

  3. Barby and Sharon, I'm happy I've made you laugh !!

  4. HAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!! I am laughing too!!! What a glorious Pyjama it will be, I'm sure!!!When I was very young, I visited the Shetland Islands! Even in the Summer, it was very very cold...but I saw REAL PUFFINS and lovely older ladies making Lace..and Shetland Ponies!!!

  5. Hahaha April, every time I look at them I still have to laugh!I never went to Fair Isle but my sister did, she sold the Fair Isle knitted sweaters in Holland !

  6. Helen,
    your imaginations have no limits - great story every time! I noticed the uncle Ukki shoes - love it!
    Ina :DD

  7. Thank you Ina, I love your Impala, he is absolutely a true miniature of the real one !