Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another find !

I was sitting quietly at my kitchen table when suddenly little Ginny appeared on top of the table
  Oh my goodness ! What is going on Ginny !
Aaaaw Look at those sweeties.
Don't worry Ginny, the Mom will find them.

But Helen, shouldn't we take them inside and feed them and comfort them?

No no, little owls fall out often and the best you can do is leave them, don't touch them, the mother or father  find them and take care of them.
You see? Everything is going to be fine little ones!
You know what, I write a letter to a  Gnome friend and ask him if he could stay here a while with you and teach you all about the animals.

p.s. The owls are going to be in my Etsy shop March 31 at 3:00 CTZ

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finally dressed !

Sometimes dolls really do have a mind of their own  :-0
I had this little girl for a while and she wouldn't want me to dress her, I've tried a number of dresses in different colours but NO.
Last Saturday I came home after another house-hunting adventure in Germany and I noticed someone has adopted her!
This kind lady asked me to dress her so I send her a pic with a example dress, she liked it but I noticed some hesitation.
I asked her if she had any ideas and yes she really wanted a Latzhose ( salopette,dungarees) AHA ! Yes this little girl is a tomboy!
Of course she wouldn't want me to give her a dress!
I think she is happy now, she doesn't want to show she is happy because she is way cool!
Look at her now!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy week !

This was a very busy but happy week!
I worked on commissions and in the meanwhile I've got this strong urge to make something new.
By Wednesday I finished my commissions and well, as everyone knows who works with wool my house was a big mess! 
Wool all over the place, I could needle felt a complete horse with the dust and wool I vacuum-cleaned.
So by the time I could finally rest my bones on the couch with Pinky ; DOORBELL
Mailman with package!
All the way from Colorado!
And look at this. . . . . . .

Aaaaaaaw Barby send me a belated Birthday Present!!
It's Pinky for sure, and the details are stunning!
My Energy level was shooting to the sky, this is the most beautiful little Bull Terrier critter I"ve ever seen!
Barby has paid so much attention to make it a personal gift, she remembered the tiniest details I told her once in a while about Pinky.
She has a lucky blue bird under her arm ( she likes watching birds with her Mom)
The cute little embroidered( ! )   bag contains a stick, a woollen sock, apple,carrot, a bun with meat and a braided loaf of bread ( for sharing with the birds)
I had to search for words to thank her, I cannot thank her enough, Barby is the sweetest !

New owl ( couldn't concentrate, kept looking at the Barby-Pinky)
I fell in love with a pic of a baby Pygmy owl so I took a shot at it.
This is how he turned out, I don't know what to think.
In real he is very cute but it still has to grow on me.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Save journey!!!!!

The Family is ready to go !
Proud Father . . . . 

Little Higgins is showing Arthur and Ginny where they are going
Have a save journey!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How could I have forgotten this ?

Some years ago my sister and I lived under one roof. She and her family and me and my family bought a house together and split it in two. There was a large area in the back of the old farmhouse and we made it a shop/tearoom.
We sold only handmade things and Sophie ( sis) also mixed the most delicious tea's from local and bought herbs.
She designed clothes, bags and fairy things and I painted and sculpted and made furniture.
But I forgot! I forgot the things I've made!
Until now, she emailed me photo's of some stuff and I was totally surprised!
Did I made this? Yes I did !
The first painting is a Pastel copy of a painting made by Evelyn de Morgan, the last pic is me at work.
 I was so pleased to see them again, Thank you Sophie-sis!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Twice blessed!!!!

Two by two they came,
different yet the same . . .

It is with great joy that we announce

the birth of our twins

By the end of this week we are going on a long trip to America,
to a beautiful little world called : Rodanta.
We  are very anxious to meet the little critters of Rodanta and their creator : Barby Anderson

Thursday, March 3, 2011

How it all began ( PezziUnici ! )

I've made things my entire life, everything I saw I wanted to make myself.
From shoes to furniture, from clothes to jewellery but there was always a  recurrent theme ; dolls.
In nursery school, primary school, I always was busy making little dolls.
I made dolls for practically every member of my family, mostly funny portrait dolls.
When I finished school and start working full time the doll making was over, except when I didn't feel comfortable with myself, then I returned to my old love for dolls.
In 2009, I  moved from the country side to a little city and I didn't know what to do with myself ( there was no place for woodworking or taking long walks with my dog) I surfed the internet and came across this website.
My love of dolls ( especially felt dolls) was immediately fired up!
From that day on I worked in my tiny kitchen, designing patterns, trying out hundreds of different shapes until I was pleased with the result.
In the meanwhile I constantly checked their website and spend many hours in awe because of their never-seen-before artistically work. 

Well here they are : Simona and Elena from PezziUnici, Florence Italy

This post is a bit long but I want to express my gratitude to these two ladies for finding my ultimate pleasure in making my dolls.
Simona and Elena : Thank you !

p.s. what these girls can do with fabric and sculpting  clay is amazing