Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hello again ☺

A little update and I want to share a wonderful project with you :-)

I've had ups and downs since the last time I posted on my blog.
My family,  Erik ( my lovely man ), FB friends and your comments dragged me through some really dark episodes and I feel I'm getting grips on the illness now.
Last week I even felt like creating again !!! I can't work for long at the time but the feeling is back and I think that is a huge improvement !

My dream is to sell this house in Vianen and entirely dedicate my life to creating art, together with Erik, in our German house.
Well, that's on hold for a bit....
So I wanted to share this dream-project from Jo and Dylan James aka Cart Before the Horse.
I've never had idols in my life, never been the type of girl who could be hysterically cry in admiration of some pop stars. I have to confess, I would have to severely constrain myself if I ever have an opportunity of meeting Jo and Dylan :-) To me these wonderful people are living my dream.
And now.....they have come up with the ultimate dream !
I'd say, read all about it and grant them a piece of their wish by donating a little or big part of their dream.
And there is a bonus ! You will be rewarded !!

Here is the link : 

Wouldn't it be great to see this amazing couple living their dream, I know I would !