Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I'm so sorry you may have been on the lookout for Uncle Ukki's story about his adventure :-(
I strained my hip before we went to Germany and I could hardly walk. I couldn't take pics ( it involves bending and crawling between the rocks and bushes ) and Uncle Ukki is on his own now in Germany :-I.
Because of that hip-thing I lost my Mojo.
 I'm normally a person who doesn't walk but run ( not on purpose I can't help it) and I'm so frustrated about it. I walk like Quasimodo and as a result my knee hurts too, hahahaa I sound like a little kid.
Can't take Pinky for a walk ( he does his walkies with Erik and Arthur) and I'm shuffling a bit between my kitchen and the bedroom.
I've got real painkillers today ( !!!) and I hope it will be back to normal soon.

The little "vacation" in Germany was nevertheless wonderful.
The minute we arrived our neighbour came almost running to us and told us that there were two fox cubs sitting on our doorstep some 10 minutes before we arrived !
Well, this neighbour is a real outdoors man, lived his entire life in this woody area and still he was so enthusiastic !
In the week that followed we had a visit from a fox cub on our terrace but this time Pinky went berserk and the cub ran off.
Erik was invited by our neighbour to watch a soccer game and when he came into his house the neighbour whispered to him : come quick, look out the window !
And there she was ! The Mama fox ! The neighbour has a big box of old bread outside which he feeds to his rabbits and Mama fox just came by to grab herself a loaf :-)
Ha ! Apparently she collected the loafs, in the bushes next to our house was a big pile of bread loafs ! 
In the evening you could hear nibbling sounds and I imagined the complete fox family having dinner.
There is a little stream behind the house, the house is on a hill and you can look down on the stream if it wasn't such a jungle :-). The stream attracts animals of course ( YAY ! ) and besides the fox family ( there were 4 cubs ) we heard wild boar late at night and early in the morning there was a deer. 
The deer came every morning and Erik managed to take a pic :-)

And and much to our surprise we saw fire flies !! Never saw them before ! 
We tried to take pics of them but as you can see ( hopefully) it's just a little dot in a lot of black.
I show it anyway because I think it's funny, seeing hundreds of them and ending up with this pic !

Oh before we left, Pinky needed her Rabies shot and well she went kind of funny :
See the foam on her mouth ! :-)

Well, we did manage to do some work on the house, we finished the shutters !!!!
( If you look closely you can see Uncle Ukki in the window. . ) 
Uncle Ukki will keep me posted while he is still in Germany but so far no word from him.
I won't worry about him, he seemed to be okay staying there and he is still investigating !

Helen XXX