Friday, May 27, 2011

Great spotted woodpecker, barn owl etc.

After I made the Gnome with the woodpecker feathers, I had to make a woodpecker.
In the back of my head there was also a little voice saying I had to make a Barn owl for someone but I couldn't find the "someone".
I checked my emails but no !
I hope if the "someone" sees this post she gives me a message :-(

So, after I finished the two birdies I had to make another bird : An European Blue Jay.
Pheeeew, this also came from a little voice in my head ( what is going on up there !!??! )

I adore the Jay, it's a intelligent, curious, beautiful bird and they can mimic other birds.
When I lived in Utrecht, I had a water fountain in my garden and these shy birds came to play and bath.
One day there were six of them, and one of them started to sing in a most peculiar way, it was beautiful, I'll never forget.
I really fell in love with the Jay and despite of my neighbours complaints about them ( they eat little birds)
there were plenty of little songbirds around.
I've read a research paper that concluded there was actually an increase of songbirds in the area where the Jay lives.
Mmmm I can really get upset if I hear people are hating this bird and crows and magpies.
I used to live in the country side and the local farmers hang a dead crow in their fields to scare away other crows. I think they don't understand that the crows are eating insects like the larva of Maybugs etc. that eat their crops.
Okay, enough with the venting of my frustrations.

Here are the BIRDS

The not yet finished European Blue Jay:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Or Shaman Gnome

I love him !
He wears a pointy hat with antlers, a medicine bag with herbs and a gem stone called Tektite.
The feathers around his neck are woodpecker feathers, the woodpecker always travels with him and announce his arrival.

I just made some more pics ( he is leaving in a minute)
I made him a walking/talking stick, there is a little crystal on top and a feather from a European Blue Jay

Monday, May 16, 2011

Traditional Dutch Gnome?

I cannot make up my mind yet, will he be a traditional Gnome like the Gnomes you see in Holland or a bit of a wild really old one, the ones that roamed the world for centuries. The one that is more of a Shaman with antlers and medicine-bags and travels with the animals.
This is him so far. . . . . . . .

Thursday, May 12, 2011

He is almost here. . . .

I didn't tell the little critters yet but I think our friend Gnome will soon arrive

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another Owl and Germany

I had to go home, but I didn't want to.
Just look at these pics, 
This was the start of a beautiful route through the Ahr Valley.
The narrow Ahr Valley, which was called „the wildest daughter of the Rhine“ by the Romanticists, is known for its red wines and gorgeous landscape.
Oh my, I want to live there!
We walked for hours and hours. . . .
Next time we will bring a picnic basket, a book and a blanket and stay all day.
After this 3 hour hike we visit a little town and indulged ourself with the local wine and food.
( I took little Ginny with me and she had a great time)
We were home May 7th and after the Mother's Day visit I managed to make another baby Great Horned Owl
In my Etsy shop today

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

baby great horned owl

I was so inspired by the photo's Susan send me, she has these cuties in her garden !!!!!
I add another pic I just took, he is in his basket in my kitchen and he looks at me all the time, I can't stop laughing at him

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Little owls again

Well, we are still waiting for the arrival of my Gnome friend, in the meanwhile another little owl did arrive.
Arthur is introducing him to the rest of the gang, Ginny is offering him some comfort food and Higgins, well Higgins is always a bit cautious. . . . . . .

( in my Etsy shop today)