Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pippi Longstocking

She called me, I heard a little voice coming out of my cupboard : " Come on ! I know you wanted me to have a little naughty face, but I'm also a sweet bighearted girl ! I like this face Helen !"
  Okay ! I think you're right, you are a sweet girl and if I had a little monkey like Mr. Nilsson I would have such a sweet smile all day!

Pippi will be in my Etsy shop today.
The girl with the Dungarees will  also be in my Etsy shop 
I don't know why someone takes pleasure in ordering a doll but never pays for it. :-(

Lost ?!

Sometimes I have so many ideas I don't know where to start.
How do you choose?
I want to make a European Jay, a Gnome sitting on a cart pulled by a bird, a boy doll, a Barn owl , a white squirrel etc.
I have my patterns in front of me and keep changing my mind.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Monkey on my back

I was working on Pippi Longstocking this week but well I don't know, maybe the moon and planets were not on my side .
I made 4 heads for Pippi and non of them were the Pippi I had in mind.
So she goes in my cupboard for a while. 
I also had a monkey on my back, Mr. Nilsson. I studied a lot of pics of this squirrel monkey and the more I saw them the more I wanted to make a lifesize squirrel monkey.
I'm always a bit chaotic when it comes to new designs and it takes a long time before all the details are in my head.
He is almost finished now ( he has only one leg) but I couldn't wait any longer and wanted  to show him to you.
He is completely needle felted.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Doll in video !

Okay here is a link to a music video, the rap Artist Gers Pardoel is a friend of my daughter and a real sweet guy.
I made him a doll who looks like him and he wanted it to be in his first solo music clip.
You can see it in the first couple of seconds so if it's not your thing you don't have to watch the entire clip :-)
Here is a Photo :

Pippi Longstocking

I wanted to make a doll again so yesterday morning I was sitting on my bed thinking of what kind of character it should be.
Staring through the window, looking around the room ( I love my bedroom,it has a Swedish feel to it) admiring my shadow puppet on my windowsill. . . . 
 Ha ! Pippi Longstocking !
I bought this marvellous shadow puppet ( and others) here :

Pippi is my one and only heroine, she is an unconventional little girl who lived all by herself in a fantastic house with a horse and a Squirrel monkey: Mr. Nilsson.
How I loved the stories! And millions of people with me !

I felt like Pippi when I was young: I had a little white Welsh Pony, my Dad was a sailor and roamed the Seven Seas and I had a Mr. Nilsson.
Actually it was a stick insect I called Mr. Nilsson and I felt sorry for him living in a terrarium so I released the little guy after a few weeks.

Every time I feel conventional and grey-ish , I just look at my Pippi shadow puppet and feel like the little girl I once was.

So a Pippi doll it is going to be!
And a Mr. Nilsson of course!
Here is my Pippi:

So far I liked her, I pinned some hair I had laying around on her head just for getting the right look.
But but I found a little black spot just under her ear, it looked like a burn hole or something I couldn't clean it so I have to make another Pippi head. . . . .

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Breeding ground. . . . .

My kitchen looks like a breeding ground for birds, it's one giant nest!
Today there are three owls sitting on my worktop.
 One of them is already migrating to Colorado! 
I wish I could fly !
p.s. the ones on the right and left are going to be in my Etsy shop today at 2:00 DST

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Owl ( I can't help myself)

I saw this owl on the internet and I love the colours and the expression.
I have this huge pile of wonderful soft wool and there he was!

This is the photo I saw: